Paleo drinking

It is one week before my BIRTHDAY! Great timing on this ‘how to drink’ chart. Like I need one. -HAR!

Before you get your pants in a twist, the article states:

Drinking alcohol is not paleo, it’s true, but it is a part of many people’s lives. Read the whole article for Smart Drinking but I’ll include this infographic. It’s fun!

-I cannot drink tequila as I’m deathly allergic to agave. That never was a big issue in the Midwest (agave isn’t indigenous here) til agave nectar started being used. Of course, I rarely partake in processed foods but it’s definitely in tequila. None for me! Don’t cry for me, I can still suck down some Newton’s Folly, Strongbow, Crispin’s, Woodchuck…I’ll stop there but I love cidre! 

 It's [Get] Hammered-Time!

It’s [Get] Hammered-Time!


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