#recommended Taking time for Temple

I’ve spent years hearing Temple Grandin speak on the Dian Rhoeme show — about her work with animals. They probably mentioned that she has Autism but I didn’t follow that thread. They made a film about her — which is a fantastic performance by Claire Danes — which I watched a couple of years ago.

I’ve tried to get people to watch the film since and FINALLY it has paid off! A coworker watched it and now sends me things she finds around the ‘net about Ms. Grandin. -har!

I don’t know this bloke’s program but this is the Real Temple Grandin. If you haven’t seen the film or heard her many appearances on radio, it may be of interest. While I consider myself to know about her, I loved her statements about raising kids today — including with autism or not!

What excellent points on teaching (drilling) morals. It’s a little funny to hear her talk about Roy Rogers (I think that was her reference). If you have seen the film, you’ll see how fantastic her mother was — and Ms. Grandin agrees — but also says it was ‘the time’ and mentions things about our times now and how it’s not helping kids. Neat interview!


3 thoughts on “#recommended Taking time for Temple

  1. loveyangels says:

    I saw the movie and already it’s disappeared from my memory. I plan to revisit it & enjoy your recommendation! Thanks!


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