Bobby gave me a balloon – RLY!

Nobody who doesn’t know Bobby could believe this but I’ll share anyway. -Brother didn’t believe it til BDR started saying inappropriate things at appropriate times (like a lot of ESL speakers, he doesn’t grasp the gravity of swear words)

Normally, when I come home from work, there are 2 types of Bobby. One is ‘I’m in bed but I’ll wag my tail at you’ Sleepy Bobby and the other is the ‘I’ll get out of bed and stand there, maybe talk to you.’ -he only says a few phrases in Human; usually it’s such a thick Canine-American that even I can’t translate and I’m good at Doolitte-ing!

Yesterday, I went to open the door and ::thud:: it bumped into Bobby. I poked my head around and saw him there, looking up, smiling and wagging. That was a surprise! ‘You never did that before? Are you et-cit-ed about something?’

He did the Front Paws Bounce-Dance or Canine Jig.

‘Ooo! You are et-cit-ed! What’s going on?’

birthday balloonHe ran across the kitchen and stuck himses nose on the string…attached to a weight on the bottom and at the top, floated a Happy Birthday balloon with a yellow pup on it!

sit pretty dog trick commandHe sat down regularly and then rose up to ‘sitting pretty’ or what Sissy trains him as ‘Sit Up’ command!


He totally ‘gave’ me the balloon. You cannot tell me that Bobby didn’t know the balloon was a surprise meant for me and he was doing his Helpy Dog Best by making sure that I got it!

Also, he paw-painted a card, which I neglected to photograph because I was trying on my Star Trek Command uniform.


5 thoughts on “Bobby gave me a balloon – RLY!

    • Lily says:

      He can be SO dumb and then he does something like this, where (to me) he clearly understands the situation.


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