#Recommended: Go see #Gravity #film right NOW

Gravity Space WalkThis isn’t a review because I can’t be bothered. It’s my birthday weekend! It’s a brief ‘recommend.’

I wanted to get this out there for anybody wondering what to do on their Sunday: get your arse out and watch Gravity at the cinema! –click that link to go to the official site

Here’s my setup: I’ve been waiting for 2 months when G finally comes out, right? It comes out and all the flipping showtimes — that are NON-3D — are matinées. I work for a living. I was so disappointed. I mean cross. This week, they finally added some evening shows. I went straight out and saw it, on my birthday! The thing is, when I’ve been waiting a long time for a film to come out, -that means you, Thor 2 I tend to be disappointed in the film. I almost always have to re-watch it when it comes out on DVD to get a ‘clearer picture.’ That’s internal but I can’t help it. After Gravity was out in theatres for 3 weeks on top of the months I’d waited, I reckoned that I’d be pissy about it.


Firsty: if you love 3D, I recommend you pay extra to see it that way.

Middly: my eyes/ brain don’t recognise depth of field; I was born this way. The only thing I see in 3D is wavy lines that never form a picture. So. I’m gauging the above rec on the fact that most people seem to enjoy the 3D experience and I think with the way things move about in this film, it must be a good one for that.

Lastly: who cares if it’s in 3D? It’s FANTASTIC! Hie thee to a picture show! I don’t think that it’ll be as good on the small screen. Yes, the story and acting is still there but I think being up.in.they.face whilst it’s happening is a big part of it. I actually moved my arm twice whilst watching it (again, this is non-3D). If I were sitting at home watching on a monitor, I don’t think that would’ve happened.


2 thoughts on “#Recommended: Go see #Gravity #film right NOW

  1. Sheila says:

    So funny. Most people I talk to LOVED it. Last night, one of my new friends here HATED it. I hear 3D is well worth it. There’s a 3d showing nearby, I’m going!


    • Lily says:

      Can’t imagine why they’d HATE it unless they were hoping for a Clooney/ Bullock romance.

      Implausible? Definitely. It’s Hollywood, not Shakespearian Tragedy, so you have to bear both of those in mind. I went in knowing what it was (a survival story, heavy on internal, psychological changes for B’s character).


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