I made Bobby dress up and say trick or treat

Well, he sat prettily anyway.

He loves young coconut!


If you didn’t see it before, he’s a Bumble Bobby! –complete with stinger, wings and antennae



5 thoughts on “I made Bobby dress up and say trick or treat

    • Lily says:

      He had his treats (3) and jumped in bed still wearing his costume. Mum came in about 30 minutes later. His hat was half off but he wasn’t trying to pull it off. I think it was a booboo. I took off the whole kit and he looked hurt. He loves to be pretty!


      • Calli LOVED wearing teeshirts and capes….even just a blanket draped over her, she would walk so carefully so it wouldn’t fall off. Lol! They are such wonderful goofs!


        • Lily says:

          Bobby’ll wear his ‘wubby’ (an old face cloth) on top of his head and try to not lose it. It was a piece of garbage that he was interested in, so I let him play with it — but then couldn’t take it away or he got cry-baby about it. Still has it. Wash it about once every other week.


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