A Song of Ice and Fire, Deaths by Post-it

I’m always telling people who’ve only watched Game of Thrones — and squeal at the violence — that the books are far more gruesome.

every post-it marks a death

every post-it marks a death

These post-its only mark deaths, not rapes where faces are gnawed off by other people, etc. Sometimes books aren’t better. –that means you, Charlaine Harris  I’m not going to say GoT isn’t as good as the novels (because I love them both) but they are different.


12 thoughts on “A Song of Ice and Fire, Deaths by Post-it

  1. Which is why I have no intention of reading or seeing the G0T series. I don’t have the mental energy right now for that kind of darkness.

    I’ve heard of Charlaine Harris, but I’ve never read any of her books. Does she think books are always better or something?


    • Lily says:

      No scenes have set off my PTSD, although I’ve had it set off by PBS shows — and not something you’d think.

      It’s fantastic writing but I’d recommend avoiding if you have issues with violence in fiction.


      • I don’t know that I have issues with violence in fiction, per se. I just don’t enjoy it and I’d rather read something pleasant. There’s enough real violence in the world without entertaining myself with fictional violence. That’s why I avoid horror movies and the thriller/hardboiled genres of mystery fiction and that sort of thing.


    • Lily says:

      Charlaine Harris is an extremely popular fiction writer who I’ve slogged through 5 books before throwing my hands up. It’s garbage.

      About ‘books are always better,’ they usually are. Therefore it’s cliché. I’m surprised you’ve never heard people saying it!

      When talking to GoT fans, I get excited (cos I’m a geek) and start going on about the books. Everybody — everybody — rolls their eyes, ‘Oh, the books are ALWAYS better but I don’t want to read five 1500 page books.’


      • It depends on the book. Some books suck. LOL

        But yeah, when it comes to movie adaptations of books, the majority of the time, the book is vastly better.

        I haven’t read any of Charlaine Harris’ books because the subject matter doesn’t appeal to me. I have interest in vampires or the undead or any of that stuff. And they’ve always struck me as fluff. (Which isn’t a bad thing, if it’s well written, but sometimes you have to dig through the drek to find the quality. And I’d rather dig through drek that doesn’t involve vampires…)

        Maybe I’m a book snob, but I’ve read really talented authors whose quality falls off when they try to churn out a book a year. Unless you’re a genius, it takes time to write well. I’m leery of authors who grind out multiple series year after year.


        • Lily says:

          Several people told me to read her books because I *loved* the 1st series of True Blood. I tried 5 times. All crap. No matter how stupid the program it is, it’s never as bad as those books I read.

          I don’t usually like fiction. I prefer Classics or non-fic, though the Martin books are exquisite writing.


  2. I’ve not read any George Martin’s books and choose not to read anything gruesome unless it’s true-life crime, but the author was recently in Australia …..he’s very interesting to listen to in radio interviews and he looks like the sort of grandpa every little kid should have.


    • Lily says:

      One of my old writing buddies looks JUST LIKE HIM! He’s a cuddly little (big) bastard 🙂

      I don’t think the books are gratuitously violent. It’s 5 wars going on at the same time and during war, the crimes aren’t always on the battle field. It can take me years to finish a book (really, but I do read several at once) and I read each of these in about a week a piece.

      It may not be your cup of tea but it’s good writing.

      edit: I’ve never read or heard or seen the author in interviews but he photo is on the book jackets. 🙂 I almost never get into the celebrity of … celebrities. I’m sure he’s amazing because he has quite some ability!


  3. I have not seen any of the Game of Thrones. My son gave me the complete set of books for Christmas last year – I’ve not read them yet. Well, I tried, but they are paperback and the printing is very, very small and dense. Did I mention the print is really small! It was difficult to read from a physical point of view (my eyes) rather than mental/philosophical. I should try again now that I have new glasses. 🙂


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