Thanksgivikkuh, Mensch on a Bench

I’m sure you’ve all heard that this Thanksgiving (US), is also the first night of Chanukah and is the only time in 70,000 years for this conjunction!

Of course, Thanksgiving nor Chanukah were celebrated 70,000 years ago and I’m not so optimistic about the human race making it another 70,000 years but let‘s celebrate!

It’s Thanksgivikkuh (at least after sunset today).

You can read the link if you give a crap but I want to talk about what I heard on NPR about Mensch on a Bench. Let me preface by saying, don’t holler at me for posting about this too late to take part in the fun because they’re sold out anyway. While I’d heard of Elf on a Shelf, the kids in our family play that. We’re old-fashioned hillcat pagans who know Odin-Jove don’t need no helpers to know what’s going on in your house. They’re watching you. Right now. They’re in the house.

-are the new readers gone yet?

I'm not sure why he's grinning like that whilst getting ready to shank me

I’m not sure why he’s grinning like that whilst getting ready to shank me

Anyhoozles, Moshe is too cute and too sweet to not share.

You can click this link to hear the interview with the creator and how it all got started.

I think it’s pretty flipping darling, don’t you?




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