We have a WINNER! Merlot contest

It’s all raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, snowflakes that fall on my glass full of–

-are the new readers gone yet?

Thanks to EVERYBODY who entered and Congratulations to the Divine Ms. Erin!

Erin, you’ll be receiving your COMPLEMENTARY, full-sized, skin care product in a few days. -hopefully, it took 3 days to get mine and I live in the middle of nowhere 

Again, I am so happy to help promote a product I love. I blogged about my Holy Grail moisturiser a couple of weeks ago and was given the opportunity to share my love for Merlot -wine, too! Skin Care with a reader. Erin is a super-supportive reader (though you don’t see her publicly often). I’m happy somebody who contributes daily -puts up with me  to conversation won!

Now, you’re wondering:

How did she choose? Did she assign names to random numbers, then pull a number out of a hat?

lottery ballsWere ping pong balls involved? No balls were involved in this. Bobby was neutered as a puppy. –readers have been warned time and again…you can’t tell some people. They have to learn the hard way

The names were written on post it notes and stuck to the floor. The first to receive a Bobby Kiss won. He didn’t see me placing them, none were closer to him than the others (it was done in an arc; I’m Crafty).

The first night of Chanukah

The first night of Chanukah*

This is my primary choosing programme.

I’ll buy three pair of shoes and lie them out. ‘Bobby, which one?’ He’ll snuffle sometimes before kissing but other times, he goes directly to the ‘right’ one. Sometimes, he doesn’t kiss at all. I was hoping we didn’t run into that, let me tell ya! We didn’t. He bee-lined it for Erin! Her choice was Merlot Skin Care’s Purifying Peel Off Mask.

I recently purchased their clay mask but I’m currently testing Moonlight Radiance Night Cream. You can see their whole line (including something for the Men!) here. While I usually purchase their products at the drugstore, you can buy direct.

merlot skin care shipping

Yay, Erin!

* Yes, first night of Chanuka, on a Happy Halloween bed cover with a furry elf wearing a Santa/Christmas hat. We’re an inter-faith fam, yo. Bobby has much love for everybody!


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