#SparkTheSeason day 10, ‘Home’

Ozarks Christmas Decorations.jpg

Not my home but on the way to mine. This is only the front yard. Their side lawns are also decorated (there are standing, non-inflatable, thank you, decorations and lit ones. I was driving by, so it’s only a glimpse!

EDIT: here’s a video I captured yesterday to supplement it. Same house. Still not mine, just along my drive home 🙂


2 thoughts on “#SparkTheSeason day 10, ‘Home’

  1. And, I really wanted to write on this one. I *love* Christmas lights – the kitschier the better. Actually I love the entire Christmas glitz-stuff – and here it’s cool because occasionally it comes with snow!


    • Lily says:

      I love Christmastime but I make it a point to have everything (shopping) done by my bday (25 Oct) or at least by Thanksgiving!

      I love decorations but only do a little because I hate to take them down: they go up Thanksgiving and down Christmas ‘as it should be.’ 🙂


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