Clan McIlhenny, good people

20131023-172023.jpgRegular readers will recall I recently was overjoyed (Bobby, too) at receiving a birthday gift of a gallon of McIlhenny’s Tabasco sauce. Yes, a gallon.

How could I possibly need more Tabasco?

Well…I have a problem. Okay, not even getting into the list, I mean, I’m now even more obsessed with Tabasco! I grew up eating the regular one but they have a lot more. Not only do they have other flavours but other items — not just pepper sauce! Well, I spent time digging around their site and drooled over foodstuffs and fun items that you really don’t want to try to eat–like shirts and ties.

-are the new readers gone yet?

maker's markMcIlhenny Reserve wax sealSo! Here I are -family joke, one of my cousins was a toddler and her parents sang out, ‘Where are you, RuthieMae?’ She sang back, ‘Here I are!’ Cute!  almost Christmas and McIlhenny Co. offered this fabu deal where you got free shipping, $10 off and a free bottle of their Reserve Sauce, topped with green wax, à la Maker’s Mark. -why are you unsurprised that I make whiskey references?

Why not, right? I ended up getting a bunch of little things that I can hand out to people I love who stop by the ranch this Christmas. Yay!

But what arrived via UPS last night? -Bobby was so excited, he scared Brown. I told him that Bobby wouldn’t bit him, which is partially true. Bobby only bites things (including people) who scare or hurt Sissy–as Brother found out.

A freaking huge, heavy box! It included my many small items but then out came some other stuff…and a letter. The letter stated they were unable to give me a free Reserve ‘wrapped’ (wax sealed) as they’d run out due to high demand. Instead, they gave me:

Dude. That’s good customer service. I joked that it’s probably all stuff they want to clear out to avoid counting in inventory this spring but still.

Fantastic. Thanks, Clan McIlhenny! -and the sweet elf who filled my box!


10 thoughts on “Clan McIlhenny, good people

  1. And doesn’t it feel good to be the recipient of good customer service……one reason why I buy a lot of stuff online from Hong Kong instead of buying locally…..the service is much better and prices 40% cheaper.

    Oh, and I like this new blog theme….much less confusing for an old codger like me.


    • Lily says:

      It does, indeedy!

      I’ve heard a lot of good things about buying directly (apart from MacPsych’s recent headknocker with ordering paper, of all things, ended up just going to a shop, poor lamb).

      I order a lot of things at discount rates but they’re knockoffs from China–which are not up to snuff! Case in point my 12USD microphone/headphones (rather than much pricier real ones) broke when I barely got them caught and yanked on them. Real ones take a much harder whacking to destroy. Now, I’m out microphone/headphones after using them less than a week!


      • Yep, sometimes it pays to go for quality rather than price.

        I recently bought a camera. ….In my town they wanted $800 with a delivery time of 7 days…..I bought the identical product from HK for $520 and it was home delivered 4 days later.


        • Lily says:


          I just ordered another pair, nicer ‘make’ (a real brand) but a step down in technology, therefore only 25USD. Meh.

          It’s funny cos that’s what I’d normally have gone for but didn’t. Ah, well.

          I look forward to more pictures from that new ‘cam’ree’ as my mammy called them.


  2. I like your new layout too – but that might be because the comment boxes are back LOL 🙂
    Tabasco sauce went into covering up a lot of cooking sins when I was at uni.
    I had a funky little knitted cap on my wish list for my kids to shop from and one of them said “mum, it says it’s going to take 21+ days shipping” . So I went and looked and saw that it was shipped from China! The cap is less than $10 so you’d have to wonder how it was worth shipping *one* out at free shipping.


    • Lily says:


      Amazon ships my stuff 1 item per box, so I’ll get 3 boxes in a day. Crazy. I understand it’s due to how their warehouses are setup (either inside or external location) but it’s still odd.

      I, too, resort to Tabasco when a recipe is blasé. But I also plan to use it, particularly in Bloody Mary’s!


  3. Nice swag! (I almost thought that you made your blog colors match the tabasco sauce bottle colors).

    By the by, thank you for the Christmas card! It came a day ago! Happy happy joy joy to you and Bobby, too!


    • Lily says:


      Nope, this was my test to see if it would jiggle on comments, which I had NOT turned off. WP being effed up.

      I ended up leaving it as I LOVE celebrating anything possible:)

      But, I may leave it year-round. 🙂


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