postcards, original art as Chrissy Card

Thanks to our AussieEmJay for this cool card with her fine photography!

If unfamiliar, she has a wonderful, lively blog. Where ‘getting out’ to me means in the woods of our ranch, MJ really does grace the world with her inquisitive eye and beautiful looks.



7 thoughts on “postcards, original art as Chrissy Card

  1. loveyangels says:

    Sorry to say that the picture comes through to me just too small to see (Awww). I tried everything I now to make it bigger but it doesn’t work.


  2. loveyangels says:

    Ok, so I went to Aussi’s blog & was able to see all her pictures but wasn’t sure which one you included. Very nice photo’s on her blog!


    • Lily says:

      I’m not sure where the card’s photo came from, she has thousands!

      Recently, she took a trip to Chile, so those are probably the latest ones you could see.


  3. I also want to commend Emjay’s photography…..the overseas travel recently, but also the previous years when she documented life in her town with a daily picture.


  4. You are wonderfully kind Lily – thank you. That photo was indeed taken in Chile – in Santiago – we came across some great graffiti one evening. It looked lighter/brighter on my laptop screen so I was a bit disappointed when the cards came back darker.


    • Lily says:

      This has been Bobby’s FAVE!

      Just this AM, as I was giving him breakfast, Mum came along and asked which was his favourite and CLEARLY it was YOURS!

      Says I, ‘ this a the one I catch him kissing all the time.’

      He kissed HELL out of Steve’s — and others, don’t get me wrong. He just was SMITTEN over yours! Then again, if you say it’s dark? Dogs see well in the dark!


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