WOT? Where I get it from…

I got a beautiful Christmas card from an aunt. I open it and below is the message within, that’s all, nothing else. Maybe I’m particularly dense -again  but WOT? When I ramble on about something and nobody knows what I’m talking about? I got it from Her.




9 thoughts on “WOT? Where I get it from…

    • Lily says:

      Absolutely! I thought it was fun that I can see my own odd sense of humour through her, obviously her mother (my mammy) had something to do with our goofy natures.


    • Lily says:

      I love that the 2x a year I’d hear from her, THIS was the personal message. I have the feeling she MAY have been drinking (no judgment here) and / or MAY have been filling out a huge stack of cards like I do, when your brain kinda goes off the res after the first 50:)


  1. I like annoying relatives with my Xmas cards….one of ’em once complained that my handwriting was too small, so next year I got a magnifying glass and wrote it a quarter of the size. Bloody complainin’ rellies. 😉


    • Lily says:


      This auntie is pretty fantastic afar but near, she gets drunk, walks up and punches you with no warning other than she’s in your house.

      I like her appearances in ink rather than flesh. As it’s usually involving MY flesh, which ain’t cool.


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