postcard: Bobby approves of envelopes from San Diego

I LIED! I don’t have a photo of my latest cards but I have a great reason that I’ll blog about later, when I get a chance. Unfortunately, due to the hub-bub that was going on at the ranch last night, I didn’t get this on video or camera but it was so CUTE! -when most people say, ‘back at the ranch,’ it’s a colloquialism for ‘back at home.’ My home is a ranch.

I only got two cards yesterday, both from S’s from San Diego. Both with critters on the cover and both, BobbyDogReed was happy to see! No kidding! So far, Bobby has been cool about my Christmas cards (which I stick to the stairwell under which he sleeps). Today, I opened the first one from Sheila and he bounded over and kissed the card, which featured a sleepy kitty wearing a Santa hat. I thought that was SOOOO CUTE! I asked him if he could smell Sheila and the family and he said, ‘I love Sheila.’

Bobby has never met Sheila but he, indeed, loves her.

Then, I opened the card from Steve and family…

Bobby almost ripped the card out of my hands. He knocked it loose but then shoved it back in my hand and kissed it profusely. I mean, seriously, Steve? Your cards are beautiful and must be custom-made with Penny’s likeness on them and that fantastic stamped return address but did you have them made with milk-bones-powder? He was like a cat with catnip!

Finally, Bobby’s getting into receiving cards this year!


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