circa 1973 and 1983

Somebody referenced the Solid Gold Dancers, whom I’d forgotten. I forget most things but when I googled to see what They looked like, I got all excited:

DARCEL! We all wanted to be Darcel. She was tall and elegant and was I reckon the lead dancer? How could I have forgotten that? -erm, well, it’s not like that was important

Reed 1973About 20 minutes later, I was looking for a particular photo, which I didn’t find, but I ran across my favourite Lily Family Photo. I love it because I remember the photographer coming to our house and it was Very Important that I Sit Still Next to Spike! That hand-holding nonsense wasn’t because he liked me, believe me! It was to keep that little hillbilly steady for a tic. Mum’s not looking her best and I recall, she had been quite ill–in hospital. Anyhoozles, the best part is everybody was told to look off into the distance. Me? I’m looking right at that SOB. And plotting my next move. Rock on, Wee Lily!


4 thoughts on “circa 1973 and 1983

    • Lily says:

      I always do, don’t I? I was actually a VERY well behaved child. I was one of those who took care of the adults, so I suppose my evil nature was repressed.


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