obligatory New Year post but not a normal one :)

No resolutions here! No stories of being hungover, either.

I stayed up, though, and thoroughly enjoyed the #KathyAndAndy show (CNNNYE Special). Before the night was through, I started feeling poorly. About 23h, I made some fish soup in chicken broth. Yeah. That felt good to my throat and brain but I ended up going to bed at 0:40 or so. Slept SUPER well for me, about 5.5hrs! Ready to roll, Bobby was, too. We took a drive and hiked around the old school and cemetery (and church). The Zimmermans owned what’s our valley. It was previously owned by another family but that’s too telling for a public blog, so you can see this instead. 🙂


I opted out of the hiking that started locally and included drives farther ‘into the woods’ as Brother calls it. I’d say, ‘deeper into the Ozarks.’ Whatevs, same thing…Because I started feeling crap again. After returning, I had some snacks and watched more Broadchurch. It was highly recommended and I finally caved on watching the first epi (free!). It is good but I wept three times in the first 20mins! I knew it was a murder mystery but nobody told me of a CHILD. Ugh. Wasn’t prepared for that but it is good drama. The link provided takes you to a trailer which lets you know it’s about a kid. If I’d known, I’d never have watched but since I was taken unawares, I can’t help that it is a good show! They’re going to make an American version, which I hope that I don’t bother watching but it’s kind of hard not to take a peek when you’ve watched an original. Where was I? Feeling like crap still. Meh. Back to work tomorrow and hopefully the THREE HOUR NAP I took today will have nipped this in the bud cos the ‘kids at school’ (coworkers, not a school) are not only obviously ill but those who normally don’t complain when they’re sick are whining and taking days out, so this looks ugly. Feels ugly now and it’s just the start. Big baby.



20 thoughts on “obligatory New Year post but not a normal one :)

  1. I loved Broadchurch – the British do those dark & dismal things so well. And, you are right about tears – I think I cried every episode!

    I hope you get over whatever is ailing you…. it’s bad enough having to go to work without having to go sick. At least it’s a short “week” ….


    • Lily says:

      Thanks and Happy New Year to you & the Mrs! I have faith since I had this day to rest, I’ll get better quicker.


  2. Happy New Year, Lily! I’m a big fan of Broadchurch. I heard that the US version is going to also star David Tennant. Hope you feel better and stay well.


    • Lily says:

      I saw that he’s due to reprise his role in the US version, too. I know the British version is meant to have a second series, so I wonder if he’ll be in it, as well?

      Happy New Year! I’m surrounded by people who seem sicker than I am (physically) today at work, so maybe my chicken soup, zinc and nap will continue to keep me ahead of the crowd 🙂


  3. My sister just mentioned Broadchurch to me, I didn’t know it was about dead kids – as foolish as it sounds, I wonder if SHE knows because she’s VERY sensitive about that kind of stuff. I watched the movie Shutter Island and really enjoyed it so I recommended it to her. She *lovingly* blasted me later telling me she couldn’t get beyond that point of the plot – no matter how good the rest of the movie was. Wasn’t the first time she’d mentioned her sensitivity, I just forget.

    Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Enjoying your posts on Paleo – was considering starting that myself.


    • Lily says:

      Yeah, it begins with a murdered child being the whole deal.

      If sensitive, DO NOT WATCH. I mean, REALLY.

      I’m surprised that I hung with it after that epi cos it was brutal on me but as you say, it was high quality, so ya know.

      I’ve lived AIP (stricter than paleo) for over 2 years now BUT like everybody who lives paleo, you end up finding YOUR version.

      That’s the beauty of putting up with this strict 30 days! It is strict for only the reason to let your gut begin to heal and THEN you add whatever (in one post, I recommend grass fed dairy as your first because dairy is a lot of people’s problem–I can’t eat it but I am not lactose intolerant, it’s the proteins–and you can rule out dairy in basically a day or two OR if you have no problem, dairy is a godsend as butter, cream and cheeses are such good real food sources!

      But it extends to everything.

      Also, while all sugars are out initially, any paleo I know uses honey and maple syrup!

      These challenge posts are all to get you ready, squeaky clean and as healthy as possible so you can FEEL great! Then try something and it’s super obvious if there’s a problem. When we’re all ‘chugged up’ with symptoms, it’s nearly impossible to tell one thing or another.

      Eating meat, veg, fat and fruit for 30 days isn’t that much of a pinch but even I am having a hard time turning away from sugar.

      I HAVE dropped booze 8 days now:)


  4. Hope you’re feeling better.

    I liked Broadchurch when we saw it on BBC-America. I know the storyline is sad, but hubby and I love murder mysteries, especially the British ones.


    • Lily says:

      I don’t typically do mysteries, not against them, just doesn’t draw me in — usually. I have to admit, the SCENERY was a draw. Any outdoors shot was just beautiful. I almost packed it in with how upset I was in the first epi. The last epi was horrific for me, too. I had to watch it in 3 goes and cried each time.


  5. Hope you’re on the mend or that it doesn’t turn out to be much.

    Broadchurch was one of my favorite shows this year — which reminds me, I have a post to write… 🙂


    • Lily says:

      See? I’m here to tell you that you should be writing. You have The Beloved and *I* can be your naggy little sister!

      I’m REALLY good at that one.


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