So it begins…5 January 2014

They predicted desperate weather. My response was, ‘if they can’t get what’s going to happen by day’s end, how can I get overwrought about 3-5 days from now?’

So far, they’ve been correct if you don’t count they’ve needed to make it worse and worse.

We’ve have Begun. I spent about 20 out of 30 minutes clearing Mum’s sat dish and doing minimal walkways.



While the snow is sizeable (for us, we don’t get Lake Effect snow down this way), it’s DRY (‘powder’ and that means LIGHT, thank dog) and less of a snow-weight-disaster risk.

They’re calling for twice this amount.

Snow isn’t my dread and Bobby loves it.

I’m worried about temps. It’s normal for the Ozarks to get single (Fahrenheit) digits. It is not normal to have them sustained, or heaven’s forbid, to drop lower. That’s Northerly weather! We don’t keep engine block heaters here, for example. We have lined, waterproof boots but not the very thick ones that provide not only extra insulation but also that ‘cushion of air.’ I know about these things because I was raised by quasi-Canadians (from UP, for those in the know–people here don’t even know what the UP is-HAR!(.

-are the new readers gone yet?

Anyway, the news is reminding us (since we’re not accustomed to this) to stay indoors as any exposed skin can freeze in a moment when it’s this cold.


12 thoughts on “So it begins…5 January 2014

  1. Say yah to da yoo pee, eh?
    Yah. We got eight inches last night and will get eight to twelve more today. And THEN the really cold weather arrives.
    I love it. This is weather from my childhood.
    However, I probably won’t love it on my way to work the next few days. Pffffffft. 😉
    Stay safe and warm.
    Ellie is plowing around in the snow up to her shoulders and loving it. She and Bobby would have a grand ol’ time together!


    • Lily says:

      Yoo pee for da win, yah!

      As you say, this IS snow from my childhood. Hell, I don’t think we shovelled unless it was 5+ inches BUT they don’t plough or salt or even have the trucks they did back then. Since the mid90s, they stopped with the infrastructure and ours was always a joke out here but they don’t have the ‘stuff’ anymore! Now that we have crazy weather, it’s hard to know if it’s a tropical hurricane next week or a blizzard.
      Happy puppies!


  2. Stay warm, Awesome! The county has declared “emergency vehicles only” and the Pit just sent notice that the office will be closed tomorrow. Snow day!


    • Lily says:

      No kidding! I won’t get pay but there’s no way I’d make it and why get hurt trying? This isn’t a city with infrastructure and even those are telling people to stay home!


    • Lily says:

      Thanks Laurie! I’ve shovelled at least 10″ but only the smallest of walkway area.

      It’s starting to get properly cold now!


    • Lily says:

      Bobby usually plays (not sleeps! You can hear him barking and baying) outside nights.

      These nights? It’s sleep inside, though he has a true Midwestern insulated dog house.


  3. Bobby’s happy.
    Climate extremes in both hemispheres. Heat wave conditions in my State at the moment. 50 degrees C in many western outback towns …..hottest ever recorded and the Australian average temps last year for day, month and year were all the highest ever.

    Stay warm…’s always an education to read about how you guys handle the cold.


    • Lily says:


      Erm, I’ll still kvetch about our summer, believe me!

      I can take cold pretty well. I acclimate to it where lupus won’t let me acclimate to heat. I found myself running out side with my coat only buttoned in ONE place (still had tuque, heavy scarf, leather gloves, boots) but noticed I was already scaling back. Up through my 20s, I’d still run outside below freezing — with a little snow, nothing over ankle — barefooted. Of course, no coat. Mum still talks about me going barefooted in snow.

      I’m older and wiser. A few days ago I was wearing sandals in the snow — but it was only 3″ deep. I have to think I’d do fine in colder climates!


  4. I whinge about the cold (though no-where near as cold as you get it) but I’d still rather it over the temps GOF mentions. I don’t “do” heat very well at all but still function quite “normally” in cold. Bobby is one very happy doggie!


    • Lily says:

      Well, bear in mind that these temps we’ve been having aren’t normal for us, either. We go single digit F for a day or 3 but NOT below 0F. I mean, it happens because I saw where it did it quite a few times in my youth — though I suppose it was just cold to me. Kids don’t care what the actual temp is. 😉


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