iced-in Tuesday, started P90X3

No fun! I mean, a day off sounds good but not when you’re stranded and miss money. Wah! Nothing for it, MODOT focused on town/city and did us last. Nothing had been done — nothing — within 12 miles of the ranch by 10AM. I’m to be at work by 7:30AM.

Steve reminded me that I could be drinking. I’ve had a sinus thing (when you blow your nose, red comes out) -are the new readers gone yet?  for about a month.

Let’s digress for a tic: please don’t tell say go to the doctor. The owner bought us (with our money) a MONTH (January) of coverage but at several hundreds of dollars premium out of my pocket, it’ll cost $70 to see a doctor. Also, my GP retired (due to her continuing struggle with cancer), so I’m between GPs. It’s difficult, not as difficult as cancer but I’m saying now isn’t the time to fiddle faddle with doctors.

I got feeling worse a couple days ago, including fever. This could be autoimmune but it’s viral. Wah. I stayed home and drank whiskey in tea with honey. It didn’t make me feel better but as they say, I felt better about it.

I cut myself off around noon-thirty and by 17h, decided there’s nothing for my lack of having things to do than to…

Start P90X3! I did p90x (original) years ago. I love it and highly recommend it for those who want to get leaner and stronger in general. My problem with it was I went from one programme that did MAGIC to my body to losing muscle on P90X. I did the Classic method, btw. It’s not that I wasn’t working it, either. It’s just a different programme. It’s a GREAT programme. The one I’d come off of had done greater things for me. I got skinnier on P90X… That wasn’t what I wanted, though. I went back to the other programme but was in Idiot and got a couple of over-training injuries. I’ve never been in the same fighting form since!

The thing that sold me to try P90X3 even though I already own the original was THIRTY MINUTES?! Hrm…

I had to see it to believe it. It’s TRUE! Well, I only did the 1st day (Classic schedule) and previewed the 2nd (which was actually 30″+ but not much over).

Day 1 is Total Synergistics and it was so fun. Day 2 is Agility. It looks  Insanity-like with tons of plyos but they use targets on the floor for laser-precision in your bursts of energy. I will bounce around a yoga mat tonight and I guarantee it will all be highly modified. Unless my fever’s back. It’s only 30-ish minutes!



10 thoughts on “iced-in Tuesday, started P90X3

  1. Sheila says:

    I hadn’t even considered p90x3. I have one and I love it, but they are all an hour or more. I love my Chalene, and am just wrapping up burn month tomorrow. Maybe after a three month Chalene I will think about ordering p90x3


    • Lily says:

      CE does the best for me! I did love p90x for all-around training but as you say, the long wos bummed me out. Great going!


  2. Hope you’re feeling better again soon. Sorry you have to find a new doctor….caring and compassionate GP’s are like hens teeth in this country.


    • Lily says:

      Indeed! She was (is) a dove. Really good doctor. She has school-aged kids, so I hope her years of struggle pay off and she’s returned to health.


  3. Hm… And how much is it?? LoL. I like that the new one is shorter. That was my biggest problem with P90X was that it was sooooo long. I could do without the plyo after the whole ankle thing with Insanity. This is one I’ll have to mull over!


    • Lily says:

      Right? I got mine from a friend (which is how I got Insanity). It *is* cheaper than original and I only have the lowest level with 16 wos. I don’t need the other kit as I have bands/wts and I’d love to do A chin up but I don’t need a bar. I could go outside and use a tree limb, for realz.

      My version (with my SPINE–I’m never to RUN again) of plyos is like the TurboFire modifications Allie B did. I’m out of shape enough that’s enough! Like those modified burpees (and don’t tell but I did do the leaps, shhhhhh!).


    • Lily says:

      I reckon that I scare off more people than endear myself but the ones that stay? Ah, they’re good ‘uns! Like you!


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