P90X3, 3 days in and more whiskey

It might be a bad thing that when I post about P90X3, I also mention whiskey…I mean, any time. Now that it’s a pattern, I’ll have to remember to keep going 🙂 It’s about consistency, people. Both.

Talked about day one. Day two was Agility X and it’s targeted plyos (literally, targets on the floor–I laid down a yoga mat and eyeballed it because that’s good enough for me). Fun! Lots of heart-thumping. Day three was X3 Yoga, which I feared far more than the other workouts because I was so sore! I expected that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near position. What I ended up doing was spending the entire 30 minutes falling and stumbling all over the place. Room for improvement! –And ganking a muscle in my mid-back, which was super-tight. I’m not ganked out of working out but that’s a warning sign. Today is The Challenge, which is push-pull. I was looking SO forward to pulls because I need to work on my posture, so badly. Oh, my gosh. Help, please? Now that I’m aware that my back (as well as previously torn rotator cuff shoulders) is over-taxed, I should do a rest. ::sigh::  What’s funny is my idea of a rest is like, ‘Oh, I could do that short FitnessBlender Kettlebell routine! I want some HIGH PULLS, YO!’ Again, this isn’t actually rest?

Maybe I’ll just drink whiskey? I just learnt it’s only 70 calories per ounce. It’s practically good for you. Uisce beatha indeed!


3 thoughts on “P90X3, 3 days in and more whiskey

  1. You’re so awesome to be doing P90X3! I need to get into another routine. I WANT to do heavy weights, but right now I cannot.

    Drink that whiskey…it’s the water of life, after all. 😉


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