I’ve got a Bad Knee and a Good Knee (which sometimes gives me the gyp)

The Good Knee* is killing me. DAMN! Remember when I oh, so very shortly ago mentioned the I modified some moves and didn’t others? -shut up!

I was talking to a gym rat and she asked if I didn’t feel it when it happened. Ask somebody with chronic pain if they hurt.


I realised that I was feeling ‘it’ in my joints but I do if I BREATHE. –whatevs

I don’t know which move but I have a sneaking suspicion it was the dribble left, jump shot, dribble right, jump shot (not what it’s called, I don’t think — TH has cutesy names for things and that’s cool but I just follow along and don’t care very much about what it’s called). That’s because I recall thinking, ‘Wot?’ whilst doing. Of course, I thought, ‘Wot?’ during a few things, including the back twist stretch. My back has been so spasmed that almost anything is near wrenching it. Scary, eh?

I’m also breaking down and emailing my nutrition tracking (oh, the embarrassment) to a couple of homies, Laurie and Sheila. We’ll see if that calms me down a bit. While I eat a lot, yesterday was far less than I normally would’ve snacked because I knew that I was going to send that!

Today is Dynamix, which is a combination of dynamic stretching and calisthenics. I previewed it and there’s a lot of knee-usage. Joint pain, children, is never okay. Never. I don’t want to just take off a day, I’d rather modify because there’s other good stuff in there.


* So-called because my Bad Knee was the first one injured, when I was 13 doing sporty BS. My good knee came along a couple years later when I fell down HARD on it on the ice. I’ve tweaked them several times, sometimes needing physio. I haven’t done operations because I’ll hold off forever, if I can. Having auto-immune disease means we not only recover slower but we get infections easier. It’s almost always better to not slice and dice an AIer. We won’t heal right anyway and it’ll take longer and we’ll die of MSRA blahblahblah.


4 thoughts on “I’ve got a Bad Knee and a Good Knee (which sometimes gives me the gyp)

  1. I’ve been lucky with my knees – they’re hanging in there. I hope your bad-good knee heals quickly – actually, looking at the date of your post now, it’s probably already cured! I’d be embarrassed to write my food intake down….. if I knew I was going to do it I would have a day of the most unnatural (for me) eating – I’d be a cheater! 🙂


    • Lily says:

      No, my knees are properly effed like any good autoimmune goofball :)I’m glad you have good joints. Bad ones don’t really get better, you learn do deal with them. Even replacements aren’t usually grand. ALWAYS protect them! 🙂

      Normally, I write it all out very science-medical based, which is perfect for all my medical stuff. This silly points thing isn’t at all good for that but it’s great for proportions!


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