1 Week p90x3 done, DynamiX

Dynamix sounds like a preferred recipe of GORP.

I was rather nervous going in, although I’d previewed it, since my good knee is hurting. I’m taking double naproxin sodium doses, hoping the joint sorts itself out. -that always works…shut up! It does, too, sometimes, by the grace of God

dynamix p90x3

I could NOT do this on my right side down but left side down, could. Go figure.

Dynamix is about mobility, which we all need to support the stupid stuff we do. It helps us be stupider, which I’m always a fan of doing. I modified a little (lunges, stayed high, not dropping low) and a couple of times I wussed out before the set was done but mostly, I kept up very well. Don’t be surprised, at least if you’re out of shape like I am, your heart will be pumping with some of the lower body work and I think the low press ups in lunge position (forget what they’re called) also had my heart a-thumping.

Most of all, gentle readers -all 5 of you, thanks for stopping by!  that makes week ONE.


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