5% bonus tax refund, TurboTax+Amazon.com

Considering I sold my soul to Amazon.com many years ago, -Subscribe and Save, I love you  it’s not surprising that I’ve gone in for the oddball marriage of filing taxes and getting my refund at Amazon.com — PLUS 5%. 

Let’s reel this back: I’ve used TurboTax for several years now. Even with IRA and 401k plus medical and charitable deductions, I can use the Free Federal version (I’ve handled State differently: sometimes e-filing Federal and paper-filing State, others letting them both be done by TurboTax, other times in other ways). The past 2 years, I’ve let TurboTax do them both. This year, State via TT was $15.

Right. Free Federal this year and $15 State. When I was done filling it out, getting ready to send it (e-file), they had this option:

Would you like 5-10% bonus on top of your refund? It sounded like BS to me but I clicked ‘learn more.’ It works because TurboTax and Amazon are in bed together anyway (google it, if you care, I don’t but I know about it). I settled for a gift card at Amazon (which I will use up without blinking) in a denomination that gave me $15 bonus.

See what I did there? I opted for enough to cover my State tax filing. This way, I’m getting money at Amazon that will be spent anyway. I’m getting State free (covered by bonus) and the balance goes per usual into my bank account.

Works for me!


8 thoughts on “5% bonus tax refund, TurboTax+Amazon.com

    • Lily says:

      Brother uses the small business version and it’s a major pain as his wife (who owns her own business, as well as manages a theatre — in ANOTHER STATE, different tax codes — and also is a professor at I believe 2 unis) keeps shite records. I imagine your problem, my darling duck, is you keep piles of records! Well, digitally but they have to be sorted, right?

      Simple mind, simple pleasures for me.

      And SURE! I’ll do yours. Why not? Learning experience and it’ll be you who gets audited, right 🙂 It’s a perfect plan. ‘You had HER do your taxes?’


  1. Even though I don’t have the slightest clue about your tax system or any of the other things you are talking about…….well done you! 🙂


    • Lily says:

      Har! Me, either!

      TurboTax is software (now online, so you don’t have to schlep to the shops and buy the DVD / CDROM / Plastic Shiny Circlet) and it MAGICALLY knows all the laws and asks you questions like you’re a 2 year old. It’s perfect for me. 🙂


  2. I had no idea about the deal between Amazon and Turbo Tax. I have been using Tax Act for a few years and have already committed to use it this year. Shoot!


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