Fini: Les Revenants, zombies élégants

Wow! I’m so happy that I decided to watch this mini-series when I’d never heard of it. It came recommended by Netflix or — whoever ‘knows’ my taste. I often like those recommendations (can’t say that about all services who hit for your general demographic but don’t bother ‘botting you to see what you’re actually about), so I grabbed E01 and let it sit forever.

Finally watched it and was like, this is intriguing, right?! As I watched more, I liked it even better. I gave myself a teensy spoiler when I googled (after E03) to see if a second series was out. I came across a main character descriptions list and slight spoilers were in there but it didn’t ruin it, rather helped my understanding — like X is Y’s brother. Oh, didn’t know that and it will be made clear later (spoiler) but it didn’t detract from watching it, having seen that.

It is in French, so unless you’re a francophone or don’t mind subtitles, this may be not worth your time. If you don’t mind subtitles, it’s great because it’s the type of show you really have to WATCH (don’t distractedly). I saw in the same place with the character description that Stephen King had tweeted he loved it. This makes perfect sense. It’s like King on a good day.

And let me say, it’s considered horror genre but I’m the biggest wuss in the world and loved it. It’s not really scary, more mysterious.



7 thoughts on “Fini: Les Revenants, zombies élégants

  1. There are a lot of excellent sub-titled French movies on our free to air ethnic TV channel ….most of them unfortunately too late at night for me.


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