Dr: ‘Have you lost weight?’ Me: HAHAHAHAHA

Had my Well Woman (pelvic & pap) exam yesterday. -need to get a mammogram soon

The doctor was doing her interview — which has NEVER included ‘Have you lost weight?’ It wasn’t being read, it was whilst she was palpitating my glands and girlie bits.

Laugh? I thought I’d die! She looked at me like I was mental, which I am, so you know. I thought it was funny because I’m the biggest she has ever seen me but she also only ever sees me once a year and…

I’m telling you, p90x3 is making me look better. I still have padding that I’m not fond of, which isn’t normally there (I cycle sizes or as I put it: I’ma repeat offender) but I just look healthier. That’s cool.

And in case anybody was wondering because I keep referring to that programme, no. I don’t work for them, I  never received gifts and I’m not suggesting anybody buys it, even though I own the original and 3 (I own a LOT of fitness DVDs). Regular readers will recall that I often recommend FREE workouts or LifeFitRevolution.org, which is all the workouts you’d ever need and online coaching and nutrition for FREE. I’m just saying this p90x3 is my current amour.


2 thoughts on “Dr: ‘Have you lost weight?’ Me: HAHAHAHAHA

  1. S says:

    That’s great! I love to see the body change and tighten up with good workouts, even if the food isn’t what it should be.

    One of my friends asked me the same recently, I’m in week 6 of Chalene this week and it is starting to show. Even though I haven’t lost a pound because I eat too damn much.

    Good on you!


  2. Lily says:

    You know how I feel about scales.

    That said, I just took my measurements and hadn’t changed there BUT I can even see that I’m getting some changes. I guess it’s the same SIZE as well but it’s healthier tissue. Cool.

    This reminds me I need to send you my nutrition journal from yesterday. It was very bad. I need to prep more solid food so when I’m hungry, I’m less apt to snack.


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