What was your first CD? And…Shirley Temple’s dead

You could break this down to the various methods of listening but in particular, CD?

Of my age group, virtually every answer is, ‘…but it was a gift.’ They were new to us and as a young adult (teen but I moved out at age 15) trying to make ends meet, I didn’t own a CD player for several years. I held onto that CD gift, though! They cost about 40USD for your ‘LP’ (not box set) CD in my area. That’s WHEN THEY FIRST CAME OUT. I don’t know how to cypher the inflation on that to see what it would be in today’s USD but holy crap!

EDIT: I found this calculator for adjustment. It says $99.16. That’s what I mean when I say ‘most my age received as gifts.’Β 

Mine was Duran Duran. I felt like a rock star to own a CD, even that I couldn’t listen to yet!

record player boxI got a hand-me-down electric record player that folded up and looked a bit like a hat box. Even the youngsters probably have seen what I mean in old movies. I had a book with 45 record about Henny Penny (a gift) and one that had ‘The Good Ship Lollipop’ * on one side, can’t recall the other (also a gift). My first purchased 45 was Queen. I did a lot of 45s because that’s all the money I could get together. I scavenged others and finally started scavenging LPs. I cannot recall my first but I know that I only had like FIVE forever: ELO, Jimi Hendrix, CSNY, The Beatles and Gordon Lightfoot. I also had access to 8 Tracks but only when people were gone, as I didn’t have a player. I got my first CD player in the 1990s. I still have a record player — a much nicer one that was part of a component system but gave away my vinyl back in the 80s when I had to move out. I’ve done a blog post about the ones nobody would take — still have those gnarly things in the barn, of all places.

* Oh, and Shirley Temple is dead. We weren’t close but I did have that record.


10 thoughts on “What was your first CD? And…Shirley Temple’s dead

  1. I had one of those record players. I got it one year for Christmas from my parents (or Santa). It looked like denim.

    My first CD…I can’t remember for certain but I think it was maybe Madonna. I think I actually bought it from a music service like B&G or Columbia House where you buy a certain amount and get like 10 free.


    • Lily says:


      I’ve seen those denim ones. Mine was used, as I say, and peeling but it was cardboard covered in almost like wallpaper that looked like LEATHER but off-white. Weird combo but it played, so no complaints πŸ™‚

      I’d forgotten about Columbia House! That was what *everybody* used. I think it was like buy 6 get one free. My brother (now that I’m reminded) had like 4 subscriptions to Columbia House under false names so he could get more free CDs. Weirdo.


  2. We used to buy a lot of 45s too! My first one was Superstition by Stevie Wonder — a song I still really like. My first LPs I bought at the same time: Kansas’ Point of Know Return and Steely Dan’s Aja.

    As for my first CD? That’s a really good question. I can’t even remember when I got my first CD player! Maybe as part of a boom box?


    • Lily says:

      Great picks! I did have Superstition but part of a K-Tel (remember THOSE?!) compilation tape.

      My first CD player was part of a boombox, too, back when they were too heavy for a chick to carry. I mean, I could MOVE it but not like carry it by the handle. I think each speaker housed like 4-8 size D batteries or something. It had AC, so I used that. Who could afford those crazy batteries?!


  3. I can’t remember my first CD. When they first came out I thought it was just a fad which would soon pass….they were already talking about mini CD’s to replace them.
    I had a huge collection of vinyl which I eventually donated to a charity shop but now wish I had not done so. We’ve got dozens of CD’s now and rarely listen to them so we don’t buy any more.


    • Lily says:

      I’m not sorry to no longer have my vinyl but most was in atrocious shape (something about alcohol and manually dropping needles on the record). At least they were WELL-LOVED!

      I also thought CDs were a fad but had no intentions of buying one for years, as mentioned. I also thought mp3s were a fad and put off buying them til about 8 years ago! I’d rip my CDs (making mp3s off them so I could listen on other devices that didn’t have CD player) but not straight-out BUY mp3s. Seemed too weird, like buying air.


    • You gave away your vinyl? Sacre bleu! We have a “record player” downstairs and another in the manservant’s cave upstairs. He loves to explore garage sales (called “estate sales” here in DC) looking for more vinyl. The guy 2 doors from us has 2,000+ records! (but only one turntable πŸ™‚ )


      • Lily says:

        I did a post last autumn photographing all that remains and they are THE REMAINS nobody’d take. When I moved out at 15, I was lucky to escape. Material goods were literally of no importance!

        Do a wish I had them? Nope. I got a better deal πŸ™‚


      • Lily says:

        We have estate sales, too, but that’s when you are invited in a home to make offers. Garage/yard sales are items placed outside the home. Interesting difference!


  4. The first record I bought myself was Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” album; I don’t remember my first CD but my first cassette was probably David Bowie. I also had some Abba cassettes – I’d like to be able to say they were a gift…. πŸ™‚


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