Dallas Buyers Club

Lack of posts cos of the lurgy.

I finally saw Dallas Buyers Club. Solid film, perhaps best if you didn’t live through that time, so you can get a sampling although I’m not sure if it was gritty enough (yes, I said it wasn’t gritty enough) to depict living through that time of horror, uncertainty, ignorance fanning flames of indecency and hatred.

There’s one scene, fairly early on, where McConaughey’s character looks at the calendar (having been given a month to live). I burst to tears. That’s when my cousin died of AIDS. His brother, another cousin said, ‘Let your faggot friends watch you die down there. You’re not welcome home. Don’t have them send your diseased body to the family graveyard, where our daddy is.’ Then, he drove us to Memphis to see Graceland. That’s that last time I saw that cousin. It wasn’t fun having to ride in the car with one cousin dying and this asshole stuck in the car with me. I mean, of course having to put up with him was nothing in comparison to what my his brother was going through but it’s an example of the way shit rolled downhill.

I sat on the bed and cried then, too. You can’t work on people like that. That’s just ONE. Another thing that was well done was in cases of getting in fights, there’s nothing like slinging your blood and spitting on attackers to get them off you. That’s how terrified everybody was. I’m not gay but that didn’t matter. I had gay friends (and family), so of course I was infected. I could go on and on.

I think a better representation is Angels Over America. There are fantasy and hallucinations, so a bit odd, but well-worth understanding the times and how people were affected. Dallas Buyers Club is rather the poor man’s Philadelphia, come to think of it, and Angels Over America is a better scene-setter. What a shitty time.

I haven’t done anything useful of fun for several days, as I’ve been feeling poorly. I’m currently working through House of Cards, S02.


2 thoughts on “Dallas Buyers Club

  1. I have this on my netflix queue. It was such a difficult time when we were first made aware of AIDS and there was so much misinformation. I remember a guy at work refusing to use anything in the kitchen as we had an openly gay employee and he (straight guy) thought he’d catch AIDS just from touching the same surface. So sad. My first close encounter was watching a neighbour die – just very tragic.


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