ordered a new Keurig!

After more reading, it turns out YES you really do want to get it to dry out daily and NO an internal tank when you seal off the machine everyday after using does not comply to the first part of this equation. -was that an equation? I don’t think so but I was never any good at maths. I got the Special Test and failed. I’m not joking.

I ordered the next (current) model up, the K45. It has an out-board reservoir, which you can see through. -if not drain, I looked at so many models, I’ve forgotten which is which but I definitely want an out-board reservoir for my purposes.

In case this is the first time you’ve visited my blog, I loved my Keurig. When I got it, I bought off-brand ‘my cups’ (the metal cup/ filter thinger with which you use your own coffee) in a 2 pack (so far, I’ve only needed the one but one day, I have a spare) before I even went home. My 1st Keurig came with 6 trial cups. The only one I loved was SleepyTime tea (infusion), which I’m very familiar with in tea bags (I buy the bags in bulk). I cannot say it tasted better… but the COFFEE? Hellz yeah.

When you’re not familiar with a certain brand, you don’t really know what you’re getting. In general, I do not like light roasts. I’m a dark roast girl. -I’ve read you can take beans from anywhere in the world and by the time they’re dark-roasted, sommeliers can’t tell you from what country they came! The light roasts, they can. Roasting til dark apparently muddles flavour. I say it caramelises it, which I adore. As with anything, chacun à son goût.

Again, this was my first evening with my 1st Keurig, so I was having fun. I made a cup of my coffee, the stuff I pay a lot of money for to make in a drip maker but I ran it through the Keurig. It was fantastic! The extraction was so much better than ever. It was like night and day. I was hooked.

I’ve found your best friend are gift samplers of K Cups because that way, you can rule out the 99% you would never spend money on. Ever. Mostly, I love that I can buy my coffee and make it taste better than ever before.

Then, The Bad Thing Happened. Or I realised something so nasty, I’m trying to not think about it.

It says something that my return to my same coffee in a drip maker is so disappointing that within 24 hours of pitching one Keurig, I’ve ordered another model. I’d have re-ordered sooner but I’m cheap and would not pay full price. I found one for 27% off and free shipping. Til I get it, it’s going to be hard to not visit cafés to avoid my own coffee, which is perfectly fine if prepared better.


6 thoughts on “ordered a new Keurig!

    • Lily says:

      I’m leaving this one OPEN when I leave for the day and well, unless it’s working for sure!



    • Lily says:

      ‘I’ll have what she had.’ Ha!

      I’d never heard of it. I used to use a specific flavour of instant coffee years ago, which I liked better than regular coffee and didn’t taste like instant but was very hard to find. It was very strong but not bitter. I think they stopped making it 20 years ago or so! Gram always kept ‘Sanka.’ I don’t think that was fancy but it was funny cos it’s all she drank — and not much of it.


      • I find that Moccona has a lovely coffee smell which has people commenting on it. I say “oh it’s just instant” in a dismissive sort of tone so they don’t ask to share LOL. I bring bottles back from Australia so I have a limited supply and I’m selfish! 🙂


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