recipe, Coconut Cream Jellies (OMG so good!)

coconut jelliesI’m wanting to incorporate more gelatine in my nutrition (meant to start months ago when my gut was bothering me) but it’s always good to have (nails, joints, etc.). Better late than never! This is very fast and easy to do for a wonderful pay-off, although it doesn’t look gorgeous.

THIS is called something in Asian areas but I don’t remember. I also ate this quite often in France, often flavoured with instant espresso (which I’m going to do soon) and banana.

It’s DIVINE — but you have to love coconut flavour.

I used:

  • 1 tin of coconut cream (not milk)
  • enough coconut milk (unsweeteened, unflavoured) to mix top-off above tin to equal 2C
  • 8 tsp gelatine powder (mix well into room-temp or cold coconut ingredients above)
  • 1C sugar (mine looks beige because it’s unbleached, minimally processed)
  • 1C water

Make a simple syrup (1:1 ratio) sugar and water. Stir as mixture heats and reaches a boil. You want it to simmer roundly to boil but be careful when making syrups. My method here is to not reach a rolling boil where it’s bubbling up. I allow it to simmer and then reach the low-side of a boil.

Remove from heat. Give your coconut cream and milk (smoother) several stirs to again make sure the gelatine powder is well-blended and spoon it into the still-hot simple syrup. Continue to stir until it’s completely dissolved.

Line a pan (or bowl or mould) with cling film.

Pour in and place in refrigerator until firmly set. It will resist your fingertip when done. Slice and serve or remove from mould.


8 thoughts on “recipe, Coconut Cream Jellies (OMG so good!)

    • Lily says:

      1/10 of a recipe is like a bowl of ice cream for sugar and fat, so beware it’s definitely a TREAT food!


    • Lily says:

      After I thought about it, I think chocolate would be good, too, but it’s not like creamy choc…the banana was divine years ago!


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