warning: I threw out my Keurig maker

And you know how I loved it! Remember that sinus thing I’ve referred to having off and on for months now?

doge gross nasty blackSo Gross.

We have our own water supply (a mineral spring) which is hard water. I’m accustomed to descaling once a week (with white vinegar), which in addition to dissolving lime and calcium and what-nought, also kill 99.9% of everything you want dead (bacteria, mould, viruses or whatever).

You’d think that I’d be grand. Each week, when I leave the vinegar in for about 12 hours, then run it through, a few black specks come out. I  assumed that was bits of coffee (when the ‘my cup’ over-flows and sends grounds places you wish hadn’t). When I ran the rinse cycle, it came clear. Good to go another week, right?

This weekend, I decided to be completely nutso and use a solution of OxyClean (similar to washing salts), which I’d used many years in coffee makers to get them running smoothly and look like new.

What came out after 12+ hours made me almost puke. It was black and thick. It was not coffee grounds. In my horror, I grabbed a trusty gallon of bleach as in eau de javel. Straight on, bitches. Thick, black gunk.

I don’t mean in the bottom swirling around, I mean the whole cup. I ended up running an entire gallon of bleach and several cups of white vinegar and many water rinses through all weekend. It was My Project to Save the Keurig.

On Sunday evening (started Friday night), I gave up. It went into the rubbish bin.

Between runs of bleach and other chemical friends, I started googling. This is apparently a common problem for those, who like me, use the CRAP OUT OF THEIR MACHINES and it never gets a chance to go dry, daily.

Recall: I use white vinegar once a week. Even with some creepin’ crud, I’d think that would have won out, right?

Keep googling…

I can’t find an answer. Maybe if I’d used Clorox once a week? I don’t know!

I do know that switching back to my drip pot, with the same coffee, tastes like mud now. It’s flat and common. Even with poisoning me, the Keurig tasted better.

I also started googling what I could use similar-to but not spending $4000 on an espresso machine. I can’t find anything (even the Bunn and Mr. Coffee ‘with’ Keurig machines come back with reviews stating users preferred their old Keurig-Keurig machines) comparable. It’s this or you have to bump WAY the heck up in the clouds. So, I think that I’ll buy another Keurig but man, oh, man, I have to do better on airing it out. In fairness, I didn’t leave it open to air out because I didn’t think that I needed to do that! Nobody tells you to! They say to descale it every month or so and I was doing it weekly. I’m so bummed.

If you have a new Keurig, AIR THE MOFO OUT

If you have an old Keurig and think that you’ve got it clean, let some bleach sit in it overnight. Just check, please. Cos that is DISGUSTING and I’ve been poisoning myself for months. I’m hoping now that this is sussed, the sinus thing will finally go away! -just in time for spring allergies



15 thoughts on “warning: I threw out my Keurig maker

    • Lily says:

      Crazy, right? What I DON’T get is how after a gallon of bleach (and several rinses and oxy-cleans and vinegars) it’s still coming out (although not as thick, still black).

      I guess half my internal tank was mould!


  1. Sheila says:

    Eewwww. So sorry to hear, your favorite coffee maker. I do air out my drip machine daily, plus the white vinegar. Short of boiling coffee in my Turkish pot, it makes stronger coffee even than my French press. I likes my drip machine.

    I have toyed with the idea of getting the mr. Coffee espresso machine, haven’t got there yet.


    • Lily says:

      I had the $30 Mr. Coffee Espresso machine. I love it but it’s not espresso, just stronger coffee, and as espresso cups are small, doing like 4=1Cup (pretty much). I won’t smack-talk it but it’s not espresso, so ya know. Don’t think that! It *is* fine.

      What I’d do, is nicely close mine (Keurig) up after I was done all day, so it had like a year of being closed up during the week. I just shudder to think that it must’ve been FULL of that gunk. Mostly, I’m hoping this will cure my sinus thing I’ve battled for so long.

      I’m so rough on coffee makers that it’s not like I should pay a whole lot but I was thinking, too: with all the money I pay for skincare and makeup? Please. I enjoy coffee everyday. It’s okay to spend $120 on a maker, even if it only lasts a year. Also, I so rarely went to Starbucks since I bought that mini (which cost me $50 on insane sale). This coffee from my regular maker (which I’d stored) is just so lacking now. I was drinking it thinking, ‘I just can’t go oooooooon.’ #firstworldissues


  2. Ew Ew Ew!

    And here I wasn’t using one because I don’t like the way coffee tastes from them and that they generate a lot of waste. The Beloved has one at work though, and I will warn her.

    Ew Ew Ew.


    • Lily says:

      As we’ve discussed previously, I use my own coffee (reusable ‘my cup’ which generates less waste than my drip machine (filters) but tastes fantastic in the Keurig and like crap now that I’m back to dripping-it.

      You get out of if what you put in, so if you’re doing supermarket brand or Folgers don’t come crying!

      I’ve done a bit more research and apparently, my mini model with its inside, un-drainable tank, is the worst case scenario. Had I left the whole model OPEN during the day, it may have dried out but I always closed it up (sealing like a pressure cooker).

      Hers most probably has an out-board reservoir that should be removable, drainable or at least you can SEE in to know. Otherwise, please do have her run bleach through to find out!


    • Lily says:

      ps: I’m buying another but with the out-board reservoir. I cannot make shitty coffee at home anymore. I may as well return to a cafe everyday! Buying a $150 machine will be cheaper and pay for itself in a month or so.


    • Lily says:

      I know you’re a French press fan!

      They are cool but I never got mine to come out well. Plus, not a fan of having to microwave a cupful to rewarm it.


  3. Jennifer says:

    wow…I dont have one but thanks for the infor…I will definetely be more careful with my regualr coffee maker!


    • Lily says:

      Good luck! If whatever you have seals tight, I think, is the biggest cause. That said, now that I’m aware and still waiting for my new one (therefore using my old drip machine), I’m leaving that baby wide open while I’m at work to dry out, too!

      Just soooo gross.


    • Lily says:

      ‘Now, I know,’ is all I can say. Shame that I never thought about it, being sealed in there.

      Brings to mind ‘this is why we can’t have nice things’ as a retort but it’s to myself, so I ease up 🙂


  4. I shared this post with my boyfriend who had just told me he was going to start using the communal Keurig at his work. There’s no way that he can monitor whether it gets aired out, so he’s best not to go there.


    • Lily says:

      I love them but I wanted ppl to know they shd watch out. We’re high humidity year-round (100% in summer, even on sunny days–I don’t understand it and even in winter when most are dry, we’ll be above 50%).

      I talked to people all over and it seems only the Midwest or Deep South has this issue.


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