Trader Joe’s Greens supplement, NOT gluten free

I do this now and then:

When I see one (I’ve had a few just this week) to one hundred searches bringing people here, I’ll try to answer. If you buy fresh greens (kale, chard, spinach) from Trader Joe’s, it’s produce and is gluten free!

Be aware, their supplements of ‘greens’ (as in drink powder and capsules) are NOT. They contain gluten.

They used to make a hemp protein that I loved to use as a boost but one day, I bought a canister, got it home and thankfully noticed it didn’t say gf anymore. I rang Trader Joe’s and they confirmed that it had lost its standing. They kindly refunded my money and it was a good lesson to me to be sure to always look at a label, even if you’ve bought something in the past.

This also means at some point, they might change to gluten free. Be wary 🙂


3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Greens supplement, NOT gluten free

  1. Our free-to-air national TV station has an excellent consumer watchdog program. Last night they launched a grenade into the ‘Gluten Free Industry’ …..pointless ‘gluten free’ labeling on meat and vegetables, and profiteering on other products where the gluten free variety was up to ten times more expensive than the same product containing gluten.


    • Lily says:

      I’m not against labelling anything gf so long as it IS. If that’s a sticker on an apple, no skin off my nose. Almost any whole food (did ya kill it by cutting or picking it off a plant or did it recently bleed?) is safe. Processed food is ALWAYS up for gluten grabs as it’s microscopic, a protein, and can easily cross-contaminate the next item that’s run on a line in a processing or packaging facility. Scary stuff for those like me who suffer greatly!

      I do wish people would understand gluten free doesn’t mean DIET. Most processed gf foods are as bad as the garbage they’re emulating, health-wise.

      A great example of your 10x more expensive product was the toaster pastries I reviewed. Just TRASH but normally goes $8 for 5 pastries. I got mine for $5 basically for the Joy of Blogging. Yucky and dear:(


      • They were pointing out the immoral behaviour of companies putting gluten-free tags unnecessarily on some foods simply to fool uninformed consumers into believing they were buying a superior and healthier (and more expensive) product.
        I like your definition of a ‘safe’ product. 🙂


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