Old broads kinda look the same

Misao Okawa, 116 as of 5 March 2014

Misao Okawa, 116 as of 5 March 2014

Baby and Baby Lily

Baby and Baby Lily

You’ll notice THE DARLING wee one in the photo is me but that’s my Baba (great-grandmother), who’s quite the Jewess. She lived to be rather old (drinking a great deal of coffee and eating a lot, as you can see). The other lady is the newly-crowned oldest woman in the world. They are from very different places but I’m telling you, she looks a lot like my Baba did!

If I live that long, I suppose I’ll do, too.


4 thoughts on “Old broads kinda look the same

  1. Wonderful and valuable photographic memory for you Lily. I never knew my grandparents let alone my GREAT-grandparents.


    • Lily says:

      Mum’s side (Baba, here) were around more. I was raised by my maternal grandmother (this old broad’s daughter out of 19 kids). Maternal grandfather = X, if you know what I mean. The great-grandfather died in 1946.

      Dad’s side (his parents, my GRANDparents, were born in the 1880s and had 9 kids) were stuck on a mountaintop in ‘Brigadoon.’ I didn’t see that side too except at wakes. My paternal grandmother died long before I was born but I recall sitting on my grandfather’s lap.

      I’m one of 64 cousins but I’m the baby of the babies of either family, so I don’t know as many family members as you’d think — but I do come from a sizable Clan.


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