‘Does it bother you when I do this?’

When I’m completely bored, I’ll sometimes go to BadBoy and mess up his desk, alter the angle of his monitor or my favourite:

Put my fingertip on his temple and ask, ‘Does it bother you when I do this?’

He usually does the BEST thing, which is to ignore me. Because if I can make you squeak or holler or react, I’ll continue the Devilment. It amuses us, doesn’t it?


I’m doing said favourite trick when suddenly–

shirley temple surprisedHE LICKED MY HAND!

The only thing for me to do was leap back, then hang my head, returning to my desk.

‘Mess with The Bull, that’s what you get!’ he said as I whimpered away.


5 thoughts on “‘Does it bother you when I do this?’

  1. Sounds fun to me and reminds me of how my former coworker and I used to behave when the boss was out (which was often). Oh, how I miss having coworkers. :/


  2. He’s an amateur. I would’ve stood up, taken your head in my hands AND LICKED FROM YOUR CHIN. UP YOUR CHEEK. ACROSS YOUR EYE (Which you’ve have closed by now due to ‘Urgh! Squik’) UP YOUR FOREHEAD (and because I think I’m probably taller than you) ONTO YOUR HEAD!

    “Does it bother you when I do this?”

    Then I would’ve been sacked for ‘inappropriate behaviour in the work place’ 🙂


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