true, Detective

I’m not going to give an academic review -grad-ee-ated head of my class at fancy-schmancy, artsy-fartsy film school, so I CAN  but just say:

I was disappointed and bored.

Matthew McConaughey, on the other hand, deserves every acting award they can throw at him. Watching his character arc was the only part I enjoyed and enjoy it, I did.

I never felt interested -except at MM’s performance and it’s not because I think he’s dreamy — not my type, though my heart would go pitter-patter if he were to cosy up and flirt–I’m not dead   and started wondering if I had spontaneously become a sociopath myself due to total lack of give-a-shit.

To put it another way: if you love serial dramas, particularly detective shows, you may like True Detective…a lot.

My truth is that I wasted eight hours of my life that I could’ve been practicing ukulele, which would’ve been more diverting and accrued something.

Recall, everybody has their sense of taste. Everybody I know loved it. I don’t get it. To my friends, I’m saying, you liked IT but didn’t bother to watch Les Revenants?


8 thoughts on “true, Detective

  1. I really enjoyed Les Revenants! Super-creepy — good writing and acting. I also liked True Detective though — I enjoyed it’s very different take on the “genre” and loved the cinematography and performances.


    • Lily says:

      I wish that I’d given up on epi 2, when I knew this wasn’t for me. People kept saying, ‘Noooooooo! Stick with it! It’s going to UNFOLD…’

      ‘It’s something to watch’ is something I NEVER say! I don’t have time to find things ‘to watch!’ I make a special allowance for passive entertainment.

      It felt like any mystery but allowed the characters to arc as you’d normally see in a series (more time allowed). While that highlighted performances, that’s all I see special about it.

      What did I miss?


      • I’m not sure you “missed” anything, it just might not have been your cuppatea.

        I stopped watching Breaking Bad about 4 episode in because I just didn’t enjoy it (even though so many friends said YOU’D LOVE IT!) — sometimes recs don’t hit the mark.


        • Lily says:

          Maybe that’s it.

          I keep telling my one friend she’ll love Those Who Kill (based upon me watching the pilot, which I got for free). I do NOT think it’s for me (I can do dark but … that’s more her deal with murders and stuff).

          By all accounts, I shouldn’t have liked Broadchurch but LOVED it and it was a mystery, sort of similar to True Detective (but not, erm). I felt the characters VERY compelling, became invested in them — all! I have to not just be interested but FEEL something to really like something that lasts over 90 minutes. Har!


        • Lily says:

          I don’t recall who Beth was, probably the mourning mother? I don’t need a hot guy but sure, it helps!

          Like I haven’t like True Blood since S02 but Alcide and Eric keep me going!


  2. Ah… Good job I didn’t enthuse at you about ‘True Detective’ then 🙂 I really enjoyed it. I heard about ‘The Returned’ – ‘Les Revenants’ on a BBC Radio 4 arts programme ‘Front Row’ and it sounded mildly intriguing, then once it started, the more I heard the more meh it sounded. So I didn’t bother. I might think about looking it out now I’ve clicked through to your review.

    But I had the same thing with ‘Breaking Bad’. Pals were telling me how good it was when it started, but it didn’t sound that appealing. I don’t think I would’ve got into it unless I could’ve binged on it. Only having to wait to see the final series.

    Something similar happened with ‘Game of Thrones’. I’d heard about this epic fantasy fiction series, which kind of appealed to me, but I watched one episode whilst house sitting for a pal – Thinking it was the first episode, but it didn’t really make any sense. Meh. Then another pal lent me the First series and as I was at a loose end I started watching it. – “Se01Ep01 I better start here, even though I’ve seen it. Hang on. I didn’t see this. Watch watch watch. OK let’s watch episode 2. Watch watch watch. OK I’m getting into this now and I like the venal dwarf. Better watch episode 3 – Hang on. I’ve seen this!” Yup. My introduction wasn’t the first episode. DOH! Now I’m all caught up and waiting for the next series.

    I think what I’m trying to say is what you’ve all said:
    “chacun à son goût”


    • Lily says:

      I think people building things up ALWAYS sets me up for disappointment.

      I truly did NOT like TD BUT I also find GOT disappointing — compared to the books (of course). I’m still watching, though.

      I loved BB but sneaked in before anybody talked about it. Again, the no influence thing, I think.


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