the Bitch is Back

I’m baaaack from hols. I had a loverly time away from work.

Remember that doctor who was so horrid? Super-mean and also completely a dolt? I’m going through my pocketbook and found all these papers… -in the meantime, I have an appointment for a new interview session for a GP Tuesday next

One wad of papers was lab requisitions Doctor So and So filled out (which I never went to get as I have ZERO intention of returning — I’d rather have a med tech at a nursing home work on me and that’s not meant as an insult, I have a friend who just got hired in that position and at least she can take a pulse and BP).

Where was I?

Of the 4 pages thick of requisitions, NUMBER ONE was? Celiac test.

Let’s scroll back a tic for the new readers: I have Celiac Disease. It’s a big part of my life since it means that I can’t eat anything I didn’t prepare in my sterile kitchen. It controls my life, as I need to eat.

Here’s the tricky bit that you may not know but a DOCTOR CALLING FOR A TEST SHOULD: one must ingest gluten daily for at least 2 straight weeks before having this test. I told the doctor that I’ve been gf for over 2 years, closer to 3 years. This stuff would be in my medical records.

But it would cost a lot of money for my insurance company to pay.

I would love to blame this doctor for gouging the insurance company, for bilking them out of hundreds of dollars, but I don’t believe it was on purpose. I believe this is one MORE example of incompetence.

Again: I do not expect everybody to know this. I expect a doctor who called for an expensive test to know it. My other doctors know it as soon as I mention Celiac. One even asked me if I’d go back to eating gluten so he could get a current marker on how high my antibodies go up.

He’s just asked me to poison myself for two weeks so he could satisfy an academic itch. I didn’t even have to say anything. From the look on my face, he said, ‘Oh. I don’t suppose I’ll ever seen you again.’

‘Why don’t you take this tablespoon of arsenic a day and come back to me in 2 weeks?’ Sound pretty fucking cuckoo, doesn’t it?

He knew better. Dr. So and So didn’t. Whether or not, you have to ask what’s going on with your practitioners.


3 thoughts on “the Bitch is Back

    • Lily says:

      It’s basically that ONE bad egg but the other who wanted to experiment on me by poisoning is apparently A THING. Robb Wolf has mentioned several times there’s a paleo person out there trying to get legislation that just that practise be labelled as MALPRACTISE as it is truly poisoning somebody, making them sicker for the physician’s experiment.

      It’s TOTALLY different if you’re already eating gluten and get the test. That can be life-saving! But taking somebody long-clean and poisoning just for the wow of levels?



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