opportunity: VocalID

I’ve sent an offer to donate my voice -har!*  to this project.

I may not be what they want but I love the idea of improving the quality of today’s voice output, let alone the idea of blending voices to give personalisation.

One of my gigs has been editing and transcribing college textbooks for OCR, ultimately rendered to audio for the learning (and visually) impaired. If you’ve ever tried to listen to those canned ‘readings,’ they’re dreadful.


This would improve that but also give voice to those without the ability.


* Perhaps not singing…


2 thoughts on “opportunity: VocalID

  1. How very cool! One of the directors works at the Children’s Hospital that was right next to where I used to work back in my DuPont days.

    i LIKE your rendition too! 🙂


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