postcard, G’Day! Makes me happy as Larry?!?

Our GOF sent an envelope chockful of Cairnsage.

I may need a translator but keep your mitts off my new toys.


9 thoughts on “postcard, G’Day! Makes me happy as Larry?!?

  1. Chuck a wobbly = get temporarily irate about something. Dunny = toilet. Tickets on himself = having a high opinion of himself. Dead horse = rhyming slang for tomato sauce, similarly tin lids = kids. Fair dinkum = no BS. Hooroo = goodbye. Strewth = exclamation. Spit the dummy = gross over-reaction. Gone troppo = going nuts or bonkers. (origin maybe from soldiers stationed in tropical areas of the world during WW2)

    Sorry I’m missing some of your posts. Internet at home is unusable and might remain so for 2 years until Australia gets around to launching a new satellite. In the meantime I have to cram a weeks internetting into an hour when I come to town once a week.


    • Lily says:

      Thanks for the translations! I saw that your internet’s far from connected. I have the Monday-Friday option of being at WORK which is my internet (also staring into mobile phone but that’s extremely the opposite of optional).

      I really loved the packette! Thanks, GOF and I hope the rest of your time in town is fun.


      • You’re welcome Lily. I’m just doing some early morning internetting in town before I drop the truck off for servicing.


  2. Haaaa! This is the best thing I’ve ever seen…you’re all set to come to Oz now Lily, you’ve got the lingo down pat. No wuckers!


    • Lily says:

      I have always wanted to see Australia, my grandmother who raised me had these children’s nature books made by Disney but sort of what we have called National Geographic for adults (like traveling without travel).

      I think that I’d have to stay for a long time it even get a feel. You have an astounding country there!


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