hell-the-hell yeah: Bill Withers

I was singing this today and am cognisant that my rendition -ahem  is more than lacking or is that less than lacking? I googled and HOT DAYEM! Mmmhmm.

That makes me happy, though it’s a blue tune.

If that’s not your thing, here’s my friend -ahem  Thomas* being fairly cool, too. Not as cool as Mr. Withers. Sorry, Thomas but like…I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know…

* link currently leads to the BBC Radio 6, 90 minute interview and live performance from the Tom Robinson show during The Invisible Lighthouse tour


2 thoughts on “hell-the-hell yeah: Bill Withers

    • Lily says:

      You kind of forget some of these (I forget everything). I recently REALLY enjoyed Yellow Brick Road by Elton John, really waxing ecstatic about it.


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