head on collisions make me a twitchy bitch

Today was my NEW 1st doctor’s appointment (following Dr. So and So, which leads to this one, Dr. Twho).

My appointment was 7:30AM. I live 3 counties away, so I got up earlier and planned on getting in a few minutes earlier for any extra paperwork (they usually want you to fill out GOBS of questionnaires).

What happened was MASSIVE traffic jams. I made TWO detours and still ended up sitting in traffic to the tune of being an HOUR LATE to my appointment. I rang and they understood as they were all late getting in. It affected 3 major highways, which means all secondary and tertiary routes were also bogged down.

After my 2nd failed detour, I was just sitting, like everybody else…

A woman with a car load of kids got that ‘it’s okay, sneak out in front of me…we’re not going anyplace soon’ from the 2 lanes heading in my direction. I would never do this as it creates blindspots you’d normally not have. This is important. While what she did wasn’t illegal, it was DUMB. If you’ve done this yourself, you’re playing with a head on collision, which is what she learnt in a few seconds when–


Just as she had ‘righted’ herself into the lane and direction she meant to go in, I suppose she saw — just as I caught in my side mirror — the TRUCK speeding IN THE ONCOMING LANE TOWARDS HER. My arm threw itself up over my face as a defensive measure. When this happens 8 feet from you, it’s a VERY scary thing. Babies started coming out of the car.

That’s when the man behind me, the man up to the right of me, the man to the right of me and who knows who-all leapt from their vehicles and started running towards them. I was in such shock, it took this long for me to think, ‘BABIES’ and then I reached for my door handle to get out and beat the living shit out of the asshole who CHOSE to go head-long in an on-coming lane because he WAS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVERYBODY THERE, especially those BABIES.

I had a rare moment of sanity that told me the three men not only probably were thinking clearer than I was but also could do a better job of beating the fuck-all out of him if they thought about it. Plus, they didn’t need to pull me off of him when they kids needed to be seen to. I get that my reaction was wrong. Normally, I’d run to the babies. It was just seeing him for those 2 seconds before. Like, he COULD have hit the brakes, something. Obviously, he should’ve never done what he did.

She did something stupid: trusting that well-meaning people know better than she. She should’ve seen the god-awful-traffic, turned right around and watched tv with them. Cuddled them. Took a nap. She decided to go out and fight traffic with them. I’m saying, with babies in the car, just choose the least path of resistance: safety.

He did something criminal, in my book anyway. I didn’t stop to give eyewitness report because so many were getting out of their vehicles. I have stopped but there were already so many that it wasn’t necessary. And I may have slapped the piss out of that asshole.


PS: Dr. Twho seems absolutely fine and her staff are so freaking nice and helpful (I was an hour late and they did handstands to help me), I’m thinking of buying a fruit basket for them all.


10 thoughts on “head on collisions make me a twitchy bitch

  1. Yikes! I hope no one was hurt seriously. I hope that asshole is charged big time over the wreck he caused. I’d have been a nervous wreck if I witnessed something like that. Heck, I get a queasy stomach from witnessing a simple fender bender. LOL

    Glad Dr. Twho seems to be fine. Huge bonus that her staff is nice!


    • Lily says:

      Thanks, yeah. Turns out, I get there and my new insurance policy — which is called a PPO really is not. They REQUIRE a PHP and as I didn’t have one YET (was in process of choosing this one!), all hell broke loose. 4 of her workers spent over an hour fighting with the insurance co to get it sorted. We never QUITE did but we have screenshots of where they accepted the doc as PHP — but it wasn’t the official contract.



  2. Wow. What a morning.
    Makes me crazy thinking about it.
    I hope you get your insurance figured out.
    I need to make an appointment for a physical. I am stalling but I should do it…….


    • Lily says:


      I did get the paperwork for a physical (but have to go in fasting, of course).

      That was a funnier side to the story:

      Twho says, ‘I see you saw B…TWO WEEKS AGO?’

      I looked sheepish.’MMhhhm.’

      I kinda figured that body language (not looking at her) and innocent/ non-committal voice should clue her in that I don’t want to talk about it OR if she knows her, she HAS to know why…

      We’re basically all done, she’s just looking over notes, (the FOUR PAGES of requested labs from Dr. So & So, ‘B’). She asked a couple of questions, which sort of confused me (later realised it’s because she was ruling out WHY IN THE WORLD things had been requested).

      Then, I said, ‘Oh, yeah. I forgot to say everybody in my family drops dead young of heart disease but I’ve been through all the tests, have a cardiologist and just have to pay attention cos everybody at the hospital any time dad or mum go in again always start a chorus of ‘it hasn’t caught up with you YET.’

      Then, the history of high cholesterol since my teens TIL I got off eating any grains, started eating meat, went gluten-free, therefore don’t eat out ANYWHERE… and that fixed me in 8 weeks.

      She agreed watching cholesterol was a good idea but went back to ruling out all these lab requests, Ad nauseam. Finally, I butted in: ‘Yeah, that’s why I’m not wanting to see her again. She wanted all these things that I don’t understand, let alone believe have anything to do with me BUT WORST OF ALL called for the celiac anti-bodies serum screening and as I’ve said, I haven’t eaten gluten in over 2 years.’

      At that, she looked at me with a ‘no shit, that bitch crazy-stupid’ look. I swear. That’s what she said with her eyes!

      So, if nothing else, she’s not a dolt, she’s polite and her staff ROCK.


  3. Wow — that’s super-scary. I think I would freak out on the truck driver. Unless the guy’s pregnant wife was giving birth in the car, then JUST WAIT YOUR FRICKIN’ TURN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!

    There are a couple of driveways/intersections where backed up cars will “make way” for a car turning into traffic. I always cringe for just that reason.

    I appreciated your diagram. Very clear.


    • Lily says:

      What’s funny/ sad is doing the diagram actually calmed me. It gave me something to focus on that I could sort through the thing that was replaying but in a safe way and with my HANDS (and a mac), which is like…how I ended up doing this kind of crap. I didn’t try to make it pretty, just a very straightforward ‘what I saw’ and it was therapeutic. Cos I’m weird!


    • Lily says:


      She seemed fine but for when I told her how I corrected my life-long high cholesterol. She goes, ‘low fat.’ I said, ‘erm, certainly NOT. I eat autoimmune protocol: lots of veg, fat AND meat but avoid grains and legumes.’

      I didn’t mention dairy or myriad other AIP things because this wasn’t our focus since my levels are corrected — and I didn’t want to sound like a maniac because doctors are NOT taught this stuff. They’re given like a lecture by commercially-funded, non-science based ‘nutritionist’ shills.

      See? Maniac. 🙂


    • Lily says:

      It was different from the time a car hit another same distance but I was walking!! That bothered me less (oddly) but I think because this time, I saw it coming and could do nothing. The time I was walking, it just BAM happened and was surreal.


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