I LOVE Dr. Twho and Companions

I went to a HORRENDOUS ‘doctor’ in my search for a new GP a couple of weeks ago. Then, I got a referral for another doctor (hence, ‘Twho’) and got to see her yesterday.

Yesterday, I was too verklept to talk about much other than the normally hour-and-a-quarter drive taking over two hours but most importantly that including a head-on collision 8 feet from me. This freaked me out so badly that I was still shaking 2.5 hours later. -prayed to Lord Xanax after getting to work and he intervened. Glory-be.

-are the new readers gone yet?

Today, I want to focus on how FANTASTIC the new doctor’s STAFF is. I came in (rang, they knew about 3 interstates being shut down, so obviously all other arteries were clogged and circulation was shite) and they were happily awaiting me. Really. Like hippity-happity to see me. How nice!

They were like glowing that I’d made it safely. They didn’t know about the head-on collision. I started telling them. Next thing you know, I’ve got other staffers rushing forward, not so much like to hear the gossip but to sort of coddle me.

somebody HOLD me -- not like THAT

somebody HOLD me — not like THAT

And I needed coddling. I’m fairly well adjusted -har!  but I have PTSD. Four decades into it, I have techniques and everything but if something very stressful happens, I go into anxiety mode. I mean more than my self-diagnosed ADHD. I’m not complaining, I’m saying that I probably looked crazy. Poor staff. -cos I was

They get me settled. This did not include cups of tea, blankets or restraints, it was a kindly circle of caring souls  and next thing I know somebody says, ‘I need you to follow me.’

It’s not the usual, ‘Doctor can see you now.’ It was Different . And boy, was it ever.

My insurance new insurance that took til MONDAY 24 MARCH to get my card that I’d paid for in mid-February — this is Coventry’s fault; I’d finally gotten to the bottom of that last week: it was a corrupt file, their automated systems went ‘huh?’ when my account was pulled up  DECLINED this doctor because I didn’t have a GP to refer her.






THIS is the doctor who would be my GP if they’d let her! My old GP is not only retired but dead. She retired to DIE of cancer, OKAY? Baby Bejeebers is crying here. And in case you’re saying, ‘Well, you should’ve started earlier,’ I started looking as soon as we received notice in TWO THOUSAND AND THIRTEEN. I could find no GPs accepting new patients. For realz!

Of all the freaking effed-up scenarios, this is me? It’s better than being in a head-on collision, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been in one of those. Flew out the wind screen.

It-takes-a-village helping circle handsI had Help. Four staffers worked with me and in under two hours, we think that it’s sorted, so doctor saw me (way the heck passed my appointment time!). I say think because we never got written or verbal permission but it showed up on the website, so they took screen shots. Bloody insurance. And they said it’s not just my insurance company. It’s sort of all of them, they take turns being completely ridiculous and you can’t predict when or how. You see it for what it is when it comes and deal with it.

Of all the Companions, Bridget was the Best. I told her when I get married, I’m going to make her a bridesmaid, though we’d only met 2 hours earlier. She said as I was leaving, ‘Listen, if you get anything weird from them in the post, call me and we’ll schedule a meeting (this is not her job) to sort it.’

I’m SO staying with this doctor — for her STAFF! And the doctor seems fine, too. The only thing that weirded me out was she kept staring and staring at the monitor. I’m glad that she’s reading me files and everything but it seemed extra long? She started asking some questions that weren’t the usual things doctors ask. They were medical but like none had anything to do with me? Finally, she said, ‘You’ve seen Beck recently?’ -Dr. So and So

Ah, she’s reading that eedjits notes. ‘I see no reason for us to test you for anything but electrolytes, lipids and sugars, the common ‘yearly physical’ stuff. Can you think of any reason for all these other things?’

I nodded. ‘I read those 4 pages of lab requests and I have to admit that I don’t know what most of them are, having never seen them, but I will say the call for Celiac antibody serum I’m familiar with and since we’ve already covered that I’ve been gluten-free for well over 2 years–‘

star trek tng picard dancingShe cut me off. ‘There would be nothing in the results. Yeah. Let’s just get you the normal stuff.’





7 thoughts on “I LOVE Dr. Twho and Companions

  1. Wonderful experience compared to previous doctor…..hope you can find a way to keep going there…..I have difficulty understanding the American health insurance system. Your health will benefit from the Companions and the coddling, along with the occasional intervention of Lord Xanax, whose good work is familiar to me.


    • Lily says:

      Everybody has difficulty understanding the American ‘health care system.’ It’s rather an oxymoron!

      And thanks, Mr. GOF


  2. I’m glad you’ve somewhere that has a bit of coddling – I think a lot of practices could do with some better coddling staff. My dentist office has coddling staff; my doctor’s office has harried staff. 14 years here and I’m no wiser to the health system – one year we had some insurance company that was so small the number of providers for DC was basically non-existent and none were taking new patients. I had to go to Virginia to find one I could get into. Then our insurance got changed and that lovely doctor didn’t take our new insurance!


  3. I’m glad you’ve found a keeper with an amazing staff! A good staff like that means as much as the doctor being good. I’ve left doctors (well, two eye doctors and two dentists) I’ve loved simply due to bitchy office staff.


    • Lily says:

      Holy crap! That must’ve been something! That reminds me, MANY years ago, my obgyn had this wonderful secretary, Bernice. She retired and the woman they hired was incompetent and a total ahole. It was so bad, my inclination was to find a new doctor. Forget who but somebody said something like. ‘You love the dr and have gone to her for 8 years but you’ll let an idiot drive you away? You’re not the only one she’s like this with. Talk to the dr.’

      So!!! I rang (of course it was the ahole) and requested the dr call me back. I remember her asking about what and I said it was personal. She kept pushing and I had to say something like, ‘have her ring me or I’m coming there and I’ll wait to speak with her in person.’

      I SWEAR this broad knew it was about her…

      Dr calls and I felt to embarrassed and ashamed (not my fault but couldn’t help feeling that way). I said I want to continue coming to you and I trust you but this X person did …

      She was pissed — you could tell but at the time I was afraid it was at me because she was VERY curt (not normal). I suppose I had put her in a bad place but really it was X, right? Anyway, next time I went to go there, to my horror, that ahole was still there BUT she was super curt herself (to the point of rudeness but that was way better than before) and when I saw the dr she told me that she had told her to straighten up and fly right.

      I stayed with that dr til she retired, too! Never had another problem with that lady but she was always cold–which is fine. Not preferable but compared to otherwise!


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