lucky doge!


You know how I finally -this Tuesday!  got a new GP after MONTHS of looking and waiting to be accepted and then having to do a switch? While I was there, amongst normal checking on things-things, she said, ‘You have a virus.’ I knew that I wasn’t feeling well but I wasn’t falling over dead or anything. She said, ‘run its course’ and I totally agreed.

About 24 hours later (Wed), I was well and truly sick (at work) but knew that we’re going to be down a coworker in theartdept as she’s on holiday. For me to call out sick when I knew this was going on is a Big Deal, not so much because I’m awesome (though I’d have felt guilty no matter what but especially with a person gone already) but also because things are rough all over — as you know.

doge such sick feverSo. Sick.

Virus? Yes. Add to it raging, bacterial infection.

I called out. First thing on my Sick Day, though, was ringing my brand new GP’s office.

Now, I’ve basically just shook hands with her. I know people who can’t get a ‘called-in script’ from their normal GP.

I got one. HOT DOGE! 

I’m back at work today but feel every bit as bad as Wednesday, which is better than Wednesday night through Thursday night, so I reckon the virus part may shake off in a day or two. The infection is being dealt with and I’m so freaking grateful to this new doctor!!!



I know!!! How old am I that all I talk about is finding a doctor and then needing it, so I’m super happy?


8 thoughts on “lucky doge!

  1. Lucky You!! You would have had to go to emergency before right? That is something to celebrate! I am not sure what my doc would do. She is anti-antibiotics, as am I, but if you had some way to KNOW it was more than that…


    • Lily says:

      I don’t like taking them but with my set of autoimmune, I frequently go from virus into bacterial infection.

      There’s no mistaking the bacterial infection, physical proof of varying colours has been erupting from me.

      I’m not recovering well and if it doesn’t kick in better, it’ll be the 2nd round of antibiotic WITH steroids (which I hate even more).


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