Cap and Cuz

I say, DAMN!

I say, DAMN!

After being told two very different opinions on Captain America: Winter Soldier, I was a bit nervous about slapping down my money at the cinema! One person said, ‘It’s better then the first Captain America and ALL THREE Iron Man films!!!’ While the other said, ‘Ugh, this falls into the sequel abyss.’

See? Obviously, we like what we like but coming from those two, I just didn’t know what to expect but made myself feel better remembering no matter what, Chris Evans is smokin’ hot.

I’m sorry, I just sat here for about 90 seconds, mesmerised by that photo I uploaded. Hang on, I’m going to need another couple of seconds.




Right! I loved the film. As a viewer of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D., it’s fun to see the tie-ins, the actors who appear in both to sort of mesh things. I have no complaints about it! Oh, and I really liked looking at Frank Grillo, as well. I knew absolutely nothing about him except he’s hot and as I may have mentioned before, the only thing hotter then hot guys is hot guys tussling. Oh, and the story was okay, I suppose.

Somebody had said at work that like a 4th or 5th person had given notice this month! Good on them! Movin’ on up and all that.

Missouri Map Ancestry Immigration Immigrants.jpgI have seen her for months but never had a proper convo. Today, I introduced myself and asked her name. To my surprise, -a sad statement  she extended her hand and actually shook hands with me, not that repulsed, laying her hand in mine like she’s a fecking Countess bullshit, which is perhaps better than refusing to extend the hand at all, especially once you’re out there hanging. Guess what? She’s A REED. Of course she’d shake my hand with respect. We’re taught better in the Ozarks. Granted, she married into the Clan and her husband’s an off-shoot from my grandparents (not descended) but it’s always good to meet another Reed who’s filling up Missouri. -I’m the youngest of 64 cousins, so it’s hard to remember who’s my first cousin, let alone the Removed’s or married-into’s or 2nds, 3rds and such. Missouri immigrant map: one wee area is Irish. I mean, ‘there we are!’


7 thoughts on “Cap and Cuz

  1. I think I’ve finally been worn down by the flood of super-hero movies. I’ve heard that this one is pretty good though.

    I had someone try to friend me on FB the other day because they thought I was the Steve Betz that grew up down the lane from them in Amish country. Nope.


    • Lily says:


      I’ll say this: I think Hollywood has ruined SpiderMan for me and that was my FAVE as a kid (reading the comics). They showed a trailer and I was almost angry at how long IT was. Like enough already. God, I just can’t take it.

      I’m still about the Avengers and X-Men because I don’t feel like they’ve jerked me around with multiple reboots. I mean, the Superman, Black Knight and Spideys have been beating a dead horse. I know people REALLY disagree with me on that but I can’t help it. I’m ‘full.’


      • I think the Avengers was the last one that I really enjoyed — and that’s a great point that it’s the only one(s) that we haven’t seen time and time and time again. If you’re in the minority, I’m right there with you.


  2. My forebears obviously were poor breeders….I’ve only got 3 first cousins to my knowledge, two of whom I’ve not seen for 50 years (they might be dead) which leaves just one…..and that’s sufficient for me.

    Oh, and what’s that fluffy white humid thing in the top LH corner of your blog?


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