Veep’s back and GoT

Office Ahole encore but smarter version

Office Ahole encore but smarter version

EDIT: I saw this page of shows to watch (massive page of trailers, will crash your hoopdie internet) and the two I mentioned this morning are their top 2 🙂


I was a little late coming to Veep. -via @betzsteve  but I love it — and I don’t normally do serial comedies. -the last one I liked was Will and Grace, before that has to be Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and that was when it aired, before that would have to be The Beverly Hillbillies, in reruns. Also, you can’t leave out I Love Lucy. For me to keep coming back week after week, it’s not going to be a comedy!

earlier office ahole

earlier office ahole

I think that the second season was just beginning, so I had to blast through the first, which was easy to do! Of all the strange things for Brother to say, he complained about ‘the language.’ As in it’s too harsh/crass. He should be used to me but there you go.

I’ve read the A Song of Ice and Fire books, not that I recall details well. You’ll see this if you play QuizUp with me! They are far gorier and more violent (read: ‘better’) than Game of Thrones but I like GoT, too. I think it’s funny when I hear people talking about how violent it is. ‘Yeahhhh…you better avoid the books.’

I’m far more about Martin fecking finishing the books before he has a heart attack and dies. I saw where he has given the major plot points to HBO in case such a thing happens.



3 thoughts on “Veep’s back and GoT

  1. We don’t watch a lot of comedies either — so Veep is a little unusual for us, too. I also really liked the HBO show “Bored To Death” which ran for a two or three seasons.


  2. One day I’m gonna to get mahself a proper supply of electricity and internet. 😉

    It may not come as news to you that I have peculiarities….one being that I refuse to read fiction books containing gore and violence, yet I’ll happily read true crime stories…..preferably ones with several pages of photographs in the middle of the book.


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