ACA / Obamacare and me

‘They’re all sickly and want the dole but don’t want to work.’

I work full time and have done for decades with no lapses, since aged 15. I have never received state aid beyond state-backed loans for university, for which I had no co-signer. I paid them back with 10% interest, while still in my 20s.

I live in Missouri, one of the states that refused to expand Medicaid but couldn’t force us from buying at the Marketplace.

I am in my 40s. I enrolled before the deadline. I purchased a Gold level package because it was cheaper than what work offered (premiums cheaper, plus the coverage was 5X better…FIVE). I just had my yearly physical, including blood panels. I am healthy. Kiss my half-Irish arse.

metabolic blood panels 2014


lipids cholesterol blood panels 2014


11 thoughts on “ACA / Obamacare and me

  1. I work for someone who spouts off the quote you started this entry with. It gets very old hearing his views on stuff every day, especially since I don’t agree with 99% of what he says.


    • Lily says:

      Yup. I hear it A LOT and never from anybody who signed up for an account (free and doesn’t require you to buy, you just sign up to ‘shop’), let alone ‘shopped’ there.

      I cannot tell you how many uninsured people I hear talking about, ‘Yeah, I can’t afford it still’ and then you ask, ‘REALLY?! Cos it’s cheaper for me. What plan did you look at? What was its price?’ and they say THEY DIDN’T LOOK EITHER.

      It’s top on down for people talking that don’t have FACTS. I mean, go ahead and complain but bloody well do it with honesty, not lies. You’re LYING if you say you cannot afford those plans and you never looked at ONE. Maybe you can’t afford any but not looking means you’re a liar. See how mean I am?


  2. Even though I’ve now lived here for 14 years I still don’t understand that mentality… or why people would not want everyone to have health insurance!


  3. My darling, I just shared this on Facebook. Hope you don’t mine! The other “share” things were up there, so I thought it would be alright!


    • Lily says:

      Well… I do hate FB since they stole my ID in the past and posted FOR me but I don’t mind the facts being shared at all. I’d prefer for my name to never be there again (and I’m thinking of retiring this blog due to that whole real name thing and possibly working with kids again).

      The facts need to be shared, though! Which is why I put it out there:)


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