in response to our AussieEmJay, metablogging

I wrote such a freaking long reply to her comment on my last post that I thought I’d put it here — as it’s metablogging about Vox, in particular.

And what a fab 7 you are!

You may not recall but I self-ejected from Vox a bit before they officially shutdown because I could see it coming after they hit like #8 on my list of ‘this is what a failing blog service looks like’ list. I’ve lost 3 blogs to ventures that just plain shutdown without warning. You won’t believe it but THIS time (RealMe to MT) is the first that I’ve migrated!!! When you’ve lost years of posts THREE TIMES over, you kinda go, ‘Meh, okay.’ Granted, the first time, I probably laid in bed and cried. ;p

Anyway, I could’ve done without moving these over but it was so EASY with WP to do it, it seemed kinda silly not to do it.

Your story of why you started reminded me of why I started at Vox. I had been completely offline for 6 months due to an IRL stalker (police detectives told me to shut down EVERYTHING IRL or online — like don’t go to anything normal, change routes, always keep an aggressive posture in public and kept eyes UP and head rotating to always take in 360, etc.). After 6 months of being under house arrest, I poked my head into the blogaphere again — under a pseudonym. I’d always used them before but I’d never heard of Vox before. I found something that wasn’t popular (it was new-ish, at least in 2006 when I started MT there) and immediately fell in love with the community. Anyway, later in 2006, I got on FB and right away THREE people were there. I was like, ‘What’s the big deal?’ But hardly any non-kids were there yet in 2006! About a year later, that really exploded. I still preferred Vox ;p

Vox was special.


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