WTF is Coachella?

I asked this on theTwitter cos I keep seeing that word. This morning, in honour of having to work on Holy Friday, I googled it.

Well, screw me! It’s some music festival. In the spirit of magnamity with Baby Bejeebers, I bothered to look at the lineup, which has apparently some 3,000 performers. -this may be incorrect as I’m not good at maths, as regular readers know

Of which, I recognised 16. I’m surprised that I knew so many, as regular readers know that I never know any kind of pop culture. I got plenty of culture but it’s from mid-1800s miners and agrarian society.

Where was I?

If you’re young or cool, you already knew this. If you’re uncool or old, you may not have. So there. I done-did my service.

If you have Songza, here’s a playlist to taste. I’m not bothering.


2 thoughts on “WTF is Coachella?

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