Bobby Bunny!

He loves fancy dress. Put these on and he happily wore them around the house for 3 hours, til I took them off:)



12 thoughts on “Bobby Bunny!

    • He really is! That said, that TURD wouldn’t go outside to bed last night (unless is 10F or lower, he sleeps outside in his BEAUTIFUL well-insulated house that we built with a FRONT PORCH). I allowed it because neighbours were shooting off guns and fireworks all day and he’s such a scaredy-dog.


  1. OMG I could never imagine Charlie doing that! We had to bribe him with the stinkiest of dog treats to put on his graduation had for puppy school! Even then he was fighting it!

    I also can’t imagine putting him outside to bed, he sleeps with us now and I love the cuddle time! Crate at the end of the bed when he was too young and untrustworthy! He is still crated when we are not home as he has not given up his love of eating shoes!!


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