Yum! Calves Liver, asparagus and tomatoes

Went out to stalk asparagus in fencerows as it hasn’t really been turned on yet in the patch. Found NADA but guess where I cut a mess?

The patch. Gardening is always a surprise, often enough shitty ones! -#1niece’s peach tree is yet again under attack. The poor thing got old enough to bear and we got an invasive species of insect from god-knows-where. I’ve tried every Hillbilly method and online organic BS remedy available. No. Last year I read an article from a regional university’s botany department that claimed the only way to kill them was to a) destroy your own trees from which they feed or b) allow them to kill them all. That way, they’ll move on or starve. Super! I can’t really kill it as it’s HERS and thus far the only nieces-3 tree which has survived. Meh.

I steamed the asper-grass -as I like to call it with these grape tomatoes and fried calves liver.* It was all amazing. The Duchess said, ‘you’ve somehow turned out an excellent cook.’

That’s baiting for, ‘when you’ve been cooking for almost 4 decades…let alone running the household since age 8?’

I am an excellent cook but my food is usually ugly. -but delicious


Fried in coconut oil and dredged in coconut flour. It did not taste ‘coconutty.’ I don’t soak liver as most people do, as a rule, but today I did in lemon juice, cracked black pepper and dehydrated onions. I KNOW! Look, sometime gut doesn’t tolerate onions and I’ve found for the flavour, dehydrated seems to not hurt me! Yay! I liked this combo so much, I may keep it for a while.


5 thoughts on “Yum! Calves Liver, asparagus and tomatoes

  1. I can’t do liver! I have never had it prepared well, and all I can think about is the foul smell while it’s cooking! Someday, I may be able to. I thought I hated venison until I had some that was prepared properly! Now I love it! I mean, prepared properly by the hunter, cooking with it is pretty easy.


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