Gluten free Springy Cupcakes

I put the kids to work, of course. We made lemon gf cupcakes, then lime buttercreme (coconut oil, confectioners sugar and lime juice) frosting dyed light green, then sprinkled coconut shreds that were dyed darker green (green with a little blue).

They are rather good! #3niece was given the most demanding task of cracking open eggs. #1niece held melting oil (safety as she’s eldest) and #2niece got to run the 350 watt Kitchaid Stabd Mixer.

The eldest two did the frosting and they all 3 sprinkled. 🙂


I was far too busy to photograph as I broke a glass yesterday! What a blooming mess that makes. I hadn’t done that in 10 years. Stoopid cervical spine.


5 thoughts on “Gluten free Springy Cupcakes

  1. But who licked the bowl? That’s the most important job! 🙂 Though actually I always “bagged” the beaters because I think they had more cake batter on them – my mother was excellent at getting most of the stuff off the bowl with her spatula.


    • #1niece took the spoon (which she loaded first), #2niece took the beater and #3niece took the bowl.

      As you can imagine, a great deal of Diplomacy and Cunning is involved when juggling the nieces-3!


      • 🙂 There were 4 of us vying for leftovers when mum cooked; 2 got a beater each; 1 got the bowl and 1 got the spatula which mum would leave a little bit of batter on. We always hoped a sibling or two was on a w/end away when mum cooked LOL.


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