‘I gots theVack-Siminations…

and it have me the sleepies.’ ~Bobby



6 thoughts on “‘I gots theVack-Siminations…

  1. Aww. Charlie seemed pretty low and tired after his rabies vack-siminiation a few weeks ago as well. Took him a day or so to seem back to normal again.c


    • Bobby seems okay this AM. I know babies run fevers frequently after theirs and Bobby HATES (terrified) anything new. Is really scared and even if you can get him to ‘settle,’ he’s hyperventilating for the whole hour:(

      It’s rough on his nerves.


  2. Timmy our cat is about to get his shots and balls removed. Putting myself in his shoes I’m guessing he won’t be sleeping too much for a couple of days. 🙂


  3. Charlie barely registers a shot. But try to look in his ears…he’s running for the hills and using all of his considerable might to get out of whatever hold I or the vet techs put him in! Funny how they all have their things. Charlie is also afraid of stainless steel anything!! LOL Used to be a SUPER fussy eater until I figured out it was his bowl!


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