what a jolting morning

Driving across 3 counties to the small town where I work, this morning, I saw sparks coming out from under a dump truck hauling a trailer (the size for putting heavy equipment on, like Caterpillars or tractors). Due to the nature of highways, I didn’t want to hit anybody or get hit by anybody in the act of flagging him down or get shot by shouting out my window, waving to get his attention.

not my photo, not the truck but look at 'em fly!

not my photo, not the truck but look at ’em fly!

I waited for any of the many stoplights to slow down enough to alert him but never could. It was clear what was happening: every bit of 2 or more feet of heavy chain had come loose and was dragging. You’d be surprised what one link of chain can produce in the form of sparks under a truck on a highway. -I’m not as that was a common ‘game’ as a child, dangle a chain through the hole in the floorboard of the farm truck and watch ’em fly! –Why did we have holes in the floorboard of the farm truck? Well, there were holes everywhere, including the gas tank! The passenger side door wouldn’t close. We had bungee cords on it but where you made a left turn, the right door flew up. -HAR!

You can’t imagine the sparks from 2-3 feet of links!

not my photo, not Valmart

not my photo, not Valmart

Finally, he turned off the highway in a town called High Ridge. Less than a half-mile later, I couldn’t freaking believe it: Sparks were flying out of a line on one of the power/ telephone poles in front of Valmart. -said like Dracula 



Get to work and metaphorical sparks were flying as another coworker up and quit, ‘It’s too stressful there.’ No shit, Sparky!’


8 thoughts on “what a jolting morning

  1. I’ve always wondered about how to alert a driver who’s unaware of a problem with a vehicle…..easy on a country road but not so on a highway……especially with the risk of getting shot!


    • One never knows…I work with people who ‘carry’ (wear a hidden gum) and most teamsters I grew up knowing (union of truck drivers/ lorries) carry them.


      • Fortunately it’s illegal to ‘carry’ in Australia, but there’s still the small percentage who don’t give a rat’s arse about regulations to worry about.


  2. Actually, he was probably driving along with a huge grin on his face the whole time. “LOOK AT ME. I’M SPARKIN’. HOT DAMN.”


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