‘Target, the favorite store for those who think they’re above Walmart’

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woman holding cheque check moneyI’m not trying to convert anybody. For transparency: I own stock in Walmart. PLEASE, ALL OF YOU GO BUY EVERYTHING THERE. And go back tomorrow and DO IT AGAIN. Thanks! 🙂

That said, I’m a Target Girl cos I can’t afford to shop at Valmart.

NOTICE: Individual experience may vary. Each state has different laws and if you’re in Missouri, each TOWNSHIP has different tax codes. I pay more in the small, crappy town where I work for the exact same PRICED item in an upscale neighbourhood in St. Louis (let alone in Colorado, which has ZERO sales tax). It’s crazy.

Back to Target versus Valmart. -pronounced like Dracula cos ve vant to suck your blood…money

For years now, when I passingly mention that I have to run by Target after work, people spit, ‘I can’t afford to shop anywhere but Walmart.’




I can only afford to shop at Target. I price-check constantly. I am single income in a region where you’re a lucky dog to have a job that pays $23,000 a year. I’m grateful for this kind of wealth…but I’d prefer more. Wouldn’t we all? That’s why I scrimp and save, so, you know, I can have an iPhone.

-are the new readers gone yet? You bastards better be shopping at Walmart. Mama wants to retire early.

a) Target has a limited selection.

You want Ocean Breeze scent Right Guard? Feck off, you ponce! Go to Walmart for that shit. At Target, you get one kind of Right Guard. I’m not saying they only have Right Guard. You can get Dial or Secret or Degree but you’re not going to get many ‘flavours.’

If you go to a place that sells 5 brands of deodorant rather than 15, you’re limited. If they sell 3 scents rather than 35, you’re limited. I grew up with shops that had even less and I’m not complaining. My guess is that I don’t give a shit because I’m not spoiled for choice.

I was raised in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t know McDonald’s existed until I was a teenager. I should say, I knew they existed but I didn’t know they were in Missouri. Nobody I knew had seen one unless they took a trip to bury Great Aunt Bessie in Little Rock.

Where was I?

When I go into Walmart, which I do, I’m gobsmacked at the choices and I’m not talking about a ‘super Walmart’ but the one in High Ridge, Missouri. They also have one in Fenton but it scares me even more. I don’t think it’s a ‘super,’ either but it’s EFFING BIG.  And when I go to Walmart, I stroll along with my trolley and price-check my usuals. It’s always more — unless something is on special offer/ sale. I’m speaking of everyday prices about both places. The thing is, it takes me forever to get out of Valmart because I’m so astounded by so many items that well, crap man. It takes a lot longer just to look. Also, we get to the next reason…

b) More selection means more ‘OMGIHAVETOHAVETHISNOW.’

I mean, it’s only $10 for this shower curtain. Come on! And lookie! They have the most DARLING shower curtain RINGS that MATCH!!! I didn’t need a new shower curtain and I sure as hell didn’t need new rings. I got those FANTASTIC heavy duty, mental ward ones the last time I was in. -that’s a lie cos I thought it was funny. I’m certain they don’t let theWard have metal objects that can be bent into stabbing pieces. And unlike some of you, I have been inside the acute wing of a mental hospital, although I was visiting. I’m told the general population wing is much the same but with video games. I’m still not sold on a holiday there.

Holy crap! They have GLUTEN FREE COOKIES IN A PLASTIC BOX IN THE FREEZER SECTION! I didn’t know Udi’s made cookies! I didn’t know they made 2 kinds of cookies! I better get them both! And they’re only $5 EACH.

O.M.G. they still make this gum? I haven’t seen this in YEARS. It’s $1.25 now? Shee-it. Where else am I going to find this? I’m going to get 3. One for me, one for Brother, one for Spike…

Oh…You know what? I need that special bug-goo-off windscreen wiper fluid. You can’t get that at Target. They only have the regular. I’m heading to Automotive. Yup! There it is. Hrm…$6? Dang. Well, the regular stuff is $6, too. It’s a whole gallon that’ll last me all summer. Why not? -never mind the one kind at Target is less than $6 to begin with

Ooooooo. Hang on! I wonder if they have any 5″ inseam yoga shorts. I can’t find those ANYWHERE. It’s always booty shorts or freaking capris. Ugh. OH YAY THEY HAVE THEM. Erm, they’re made shitty. Well…they’re $8.50. ::sigh:: Do I get these or do without? Maybe I should put back one of those boxes of GF cookies.

This is why it takes me so long when I go in Valmart. And I’ll mention again, as I’m lookie-looing, I’m price-checking my NORMAL stuff and saying the next thing…


Again, mileage may vary but the crap I pick up, I put down again damned fast.

‘I don’t need it that bad.’ That’s my Valmart quote. If you’re walking with me, you’ll hear it several times a trip. Unfortunately, you’ll also hear that mishagoss from b) but luckily: I can go into Valmart with a friend and not buy a thing. -when I’m pushing a trolley, trouble happens  The funny thing is, my friends who shop there all the time say that stuff from b) except maybe they like booty shorts, eat gluten, so they’re all about the Pecan Sandies or simply can’t decide between Ocean Breeze and Bahama Lagoon and toss them both in the cart…cos they’re only $4 a piece.

It adds up. Every time you walk into Valmart, chances are you put shite in your trolley that you hadn’t planned on buying. I know! There are ‘list’ people. GOOD ON YER. If you didn’t know about this, kids, let me tell ya! It’s people who write a list before entering a shop and ONLY BUY WHAT’S ON THE LIST. If you’re a Listie, you’re still paying more than I do.

-nobody on earth is still with me and I don’t blame you a bit 

doge disappointed disappointment angryI’ve inadvertently converted –that sounds so cute in my head!  six friends. They don’t come back to me and say, ‘OMG THANK YOU!!! You’ve saved me hundreds of dollars in the last MONTH!’

I hear them telling others, ‘Girl, I can’t afford to shop at Walmart.’

And each time, I think, ‘GODDAMMIT there goes my EARLY RETIREMENT!







13 thoughts on “‘Target, the favorite store for those who think they’re above Walmart’

  1. I believe Walmart are in the process of opening some stores in Australia. We need their competition for our duopoly of Coles and Woolworths. We also understand the need to compare prices and shop around, and now with Ebay we finally understand just how the big retailers have been ripping us off for so many years.


  2. I actually gave up my cheap bastard status to avoid stores with too many options. Big box stores are so overwhelming to me. I’m like, WHAT? You have 37 different kinds of peanut butter? I shop at a rinkydink grocery co-op, which is a bit pricier than say Walmart or Target, but they only have like 5 kinds of peanut butter. I can get in and out in under half an hour. I go some place big and I’m there all damn day.


    • I don’t have a similar option, exactly, unless you’d count a filling station, which doesn’t serve my grocery needs though some offer bananas:)

      I love having a tiny Target. I lost foster sister every time we went to the Greatland (‘super’) Target on her block in Colorado. EVERY TIME. Have to freaking call her mobile and get directions IN the shop to find her. I’m not joking. It was irritating.

      I’m sure that I’d get used to it, living walking distance away.


  3. That’s interesting. Walmart is always cheaper than Target in my area, sometimes by cents, sometimes by dollars. However, I really dislike the shopping experience at Walmart so I’ll pay more to go to Target. The only time I’ll go to Walmart is if it’s after Target is closed or I need something DIRT CHEAP and don’t expect it to last long or look nice (though Walmart’s style is getting better!).

    But each Walmart is different! The one that is closest to us (less than 3 miles) is full of trash customers and TERRIBLE customer service. But, if you go to the other one (which happens to be a “super” – 12 miles away), it’s MUCH better.

    Plus, the closest one is 24 hours – but small and overly stocked for a 24 hour store – so when they restock they basically block anything they want with over-the-head-pallet and make you walk halfway around the store to get to the center. It’s complete shit. The last time I was there I was about to kick someone in the throat with how many sections were inaccessible. Plus the workers (both CS and stockers) act like you don’t exist, and will IGNORE you when you say, “excuse me?” or run you down with their pallet drivers.


    • I can’t complain about the CS at either but price-wise, I just can’t afford to choose more expensive unless it’s like ONE emergency item, you know. At that point, I’m probably at Walgreens (sick) anyway and yikes let’s not talk about those prices!

      I’d say it’s perhaps a MO thing but my FS never would’ve gone to Target had it not been where she moved in CO is literally the next block. You walk out of her complex, hang a left and it’s Target (and a bunch of other stuff, she lives next door to 4 big shopping plazas, right off an interstate). It sure was handy when she was away with the car! I walked down to Starbucks and some resto for the god-daughter (since I can’t eat but I wanted to take her someplace and you’re in the middle of kinda nowhere unless you have a car OR don’t mind using any of the many places in those 4 plazas!).

      Anyway, yeah, the store prices at her Target are the same as mine (in the town where I work, I can’t say they will be in Kirkwood or wherever but I *can* say Kirkwood’s TAXES are markedly lower and very much affect you end price!). I don’t know how much they vary but I can see where the coastal states are higher. You always hear that.

      I’m down with shopping wherever it’s cheapest (for the same item). Why pay more?

      You’re the one who talked me into Amazon subscribe and save, I think! I use that for things that I can’t get in Target or Trader Joe’s (you have to be careful with TJ’s — whole foods are cheaper but PREPACKAGED I can’t say cos I don’t get them!).

      Another funny one is the Dollar Tree (‘everything’s a dollar’) is a fave of a lot of friends but you can go right next door, same plaza in High Ridge and get the same item for cheaper at everyday prices at the local grocery. You think, ‘It’s a DOLLAR!’ but it ought to be .79! And YES that’s not much but with my penny-pinching, like I say, I can have an iPhone (or NookHD, whatever splurge I want and it’s usually tech).


    • Your horror story reminded me of something:

      I rarely go to Dierbergs (I’m sure you don’t have them, another family chain, which is probably local to STL) but when I do, they are AMAZING. The produce is the best you find anywhere — often very affordable or at least not more than other places BUT don’t buy ANY prepackaged stuff. For example: a box of Lucky Charms (the small box, not the gigantic ones) is normally $4 at other places, $3.50 at Target kind of everyday price? It’s $8 at D.

      EIGHT DOLLARS FOR A BOX OF CEREAL! But those people rock. You pay out the nose for exemplary service. If you can afford it, it’s fantastic. Since I only ever get produce or a couple of gf things (which you can’t find anyplace else), I get to enjoy the service w/o paying more but I know people who shop there for everything and I just don’t get it. I get it but I don’t get it cos I can’t afford that! But they are the BOMB for CS!


  4. I too find that Target prices are a lot higher than Walmart here for most things. Walmart is larger, but not by much, and both Target and Walmart near me are Super Centers with groceries. I usually clearance shop Target mostly. THEN you can get some great deals! I do get my prescriptions at Target because it was there long before my Walmart was and I like them so I never changed. I shop for prices too, and I have an app on my phone called Mighty Grocery that you can have multiple lists and input the prices on everything so you can look it up in a second. I also have a club membership to BJ’s, which is like a Costco I guess, and that pays for its $40 a year just by gas savings alone. I get also my K-cups, jugs of extra light olive oil, macadamia nuts, sometimes produce, Applegate Farms products, and they have great deals on random clothing and housewares. I don’t go often, but I save a lot when I do. One of the other local grocery stores has become AWFUL and it used to be the cheapest around. I go there only for things I can’t get anywhere else, like my favorite salad dressing.

    Tonight I was in Walmart, and spent over an hour in there just talking myself out of buying things!! LOL Stuff I want to get but don’t need right this minute with a broken lawn mower and an ailing hot water heater! I was successful and only bought what I needed, plus a fantastic clearance buy! Anti-bacterial cartridges for our humidifiers, that are usually $9.97 a 2 pack for $1.50 a 2 pack!!! The single pack was $.75!! I bought all 3 that they had left!


    • Great savings!

      I think there might be a big deal with those super versions but mine of either aren’t supers…there’s a super Walmart about 50 miles away and a great land in the city–CITY (like saying 4 counties away).

      Costco is far but FREE to me and I try to go every other month:)


  5. Yeah the Super Centers are bigger obviously and carry more items usually. And when I get lucky, like I did last fall, their buyers overstock and I get fantastic deals! Like $1 tank tops! Any kind, work appropriate, gym wear, camisoles…just one example.


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